Three things that’ll get you motivated to revamp your home this year

Ready to spruce up your home this year? Great! Whether you’re completely revamping a recently purchased property, preparing your home for a sale later in the year or adding a dash of contemporary character to a specific room – here are a few tips to get you started on your decorating journey in 2019…

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Whether or not you intend to sell your property, imagine you are hoping to entice people to make a bid for the finished product. Before you choose a particular look or style, consider what the room would look like if it were free from clutter. And then get to work! Clear out the space and tidy things away – you may be surprised just how much actual rubbish you’ve got hanging around your home. A big benefit of approaching a home décor project this way is that you haven’t even spent any money, so far!

Along with a simple splash of paint, the decluttering process could shed new light on a room, giving you a better idea of the direction in which you want to go with your new décor. With clutter and unwanted items now out of the way, you’ll know whether you require additional storage and can begin to imagine the kind of colour scheme that will complement the space.


Home décor trends are now so wonderfully varied that you’re likely to find a modern look you adore – and this is the fun bit! A quick scroll through Pinterest’s “top trends for 2019”, as published in The Independent, proves that modern décor has become an eclectic mesh of colours, styles and textures. Choice here is utterly abundant, ranging from natural colours to deco patterns and quirky furniture. I’m on Pinterest every day gathering inspiration for home decor on a budget so feel free to follow me CassiefairyBlog for some thrifty decorating ideas!

Modernising your décor could mean taking your room back to basics for a minimalist look or you could add a whole host of contrasting accessories for a textured, bohemian style. If you’re not ready to part with some of your furniture or existing décor, creating a room theme around several select pieces that you already own could save you a money, too. You can almost guarantee that your old furniture can fit into ANY decor scheme if you revamp it with a lick of paint.


What’s this, you might ask? Well, now you’ve decluttered and redesigned your interior, you might want to turn your attention to the outside of the house. Imagine the journey from the street outside – does the exterior of your home match the vibrant new décor inside? The exterior is your home’s first impression to guests, neighbours, and even to potential buyers if you’re planning on selling your home in the future.

Check out my blog post on boosting your home’s kerb appeal on a budget and work out which tasks you can perform yourself and which would require assistance from professional.  For instance, my roof recently needed a revamp along the ridge but it wasn’t something I was going to tackle myself! In the case of bigger maintenance tasks you could contact a reputable roofing company, joiner, builder or landscape gardener to help with the makeover.

What home renovations are you planning this year? I hope this post has given you some ideas to get you started on your redecorating journey. I’m already picking out paint colours for my hallway makeover and I wrote about my DIY garden landscaping plans earlier this week so do check back soon to keep an eye on my progress. And best of luck with your home decorating plans too 🙂

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  1. Great post Cassie. Maintaining the exterior of a home is always a good way to refresh a house’s look. Thanks for sharing.

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