4 Things you can do to refresh your bathroom without breaking the bank

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Every now and again, most homeowners seek a change; something that will give a fresh new look to their home or a project that will reflect their changing needs or personal preferences. If the time has come to give your bathroom a nice uplift and create a more luxury look, the ideas below will help you get started…

candles in bathroom


Going luxe does not necessarily mean that you have to cover the entire bathroom from ceiling to floor with exclusive brand items and features – or spending a small fortune, for that matter! You’ll be surprised how just a few statement pieces can provide that much-needed luxury effect without looking like you’re trying too hard.  

Paying just as much attention to choosing your bathroom furniture as you do with the pieces in your living room will help you boost the finish of your room. You don’t need to spend a fortune – shop secondhand or browse the sales to find pieces that can either coordinate with your existing items or make a statement as standout pieces of furniture.

rustic wooden bathroom cabinet

Storage is also important. If you love the traditional style, then vintage units with wood panels will probably be ideal for your storage needs. For contemporary enthusiasts, freestanding units provide useful storage and tie the room together.


If your classic white bathroom suite is in good condition, there’s no need to change – perhaps you could just update the space with some new tiles? Don’t just stick to white tiles though; you can achieve any interior design effect you want by simply selecting the right colour palette. For instance, for a Parisian vintage style that exudes glam, you may consider a monochromatic space featuring a gilded chandelier and elegant brass accents. Or you may go with textured tiles in dark colours and add an antique stool next to the tub to give the space a luxurious touch.

blue tiles in a bathroom

When it comes to tiles, make sure you style them across either the floor or the walls to blend into your room. White and grey tiles come in all kinds of effects so you can keep the space neutral while also enjoying geometric or floral prints, or concrete- or marble-effect patterns to suit every style.


Focusing on your bathtub to give your layout a designer vibe is a great idea. A freestanding bath not only looks expensive but it also offer you an utterly satisfying spa-like experience, making your daily routine even more pleasurable. If you only change the bath, and leave the rest of the room as it is with white sink and tiles, it’ll still make enough of a difference to feel like you’ve completely renovated the room. The good thing about bath tubs is that you can find one that fits your budget perfectly, be it a whirlpool bath with adjustable jets that offers a rejuvenating massage to a classic claw-foot or freestanding bathtubs like these that impress with timeless elegance.

freestanding bath


The key to giving your bathroom a luxurious, hotel-like feel is all about the little things – the accessories. You might not need to many any changes to the suite or tiles if you bring in some new accessories. Add more useful storage with textured woven baskets in varying sizes, shapes, and colours. That way, you won’t only have a place to store all your essentials neatly (like loo roll and toiletries) but it also gives the room the feel of an up-market hotel. Glass features (such as shelving or storage jars) offer functionality and elegance in a contemporary style bathroom. Plus, they allow the light to travel across the room and create an inviting light-filled space.

plant in a bathroom

Simply adding candle holders and plants can help to finish your bathroom off in style. Even if you don’t make any other changes, new towels add further luxury and instantly refresh the room. You could choose fun patterns with retro or quirky prints to stand out against an all-white bathroom or go classic with fluffy, good quality white towels.

fluffy towels in a bathroom

Whether modern or classic, your bathroom CAN have dreamy luxury without having to spend a fortune. Using prints, patterns, colours, and textures wisely, and adding your personal touches are more than enough to help you transform your bathroom into a lavish retreat. Let me know what you’ve done to refresh your room in the comments below 🙂

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