Framing art prints and posters for my monochrome bedroom

Has the new year given you a burst of enthusiasm for getting your home organised? That's how I've been feeling this year and I've been trying to sort out all the things that I'd been putting off during 2018. This week I'm tackling the artwork I've been collecting - it's finally going on the wall..!

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Has the new year given you a burst of enthusiasm for getting your home organised? That’s how I’ve been feeling this year and I’ve been trying to sort out all the things that I’d been putting off during 2018. This week I’m tackling the artwork I’ve been collecting – it’s finally going on the wall..!

magnetic hanging frame being applied to a poster print of black and white cats

Ever since I decorated my bedroom when we first moved into our home, I knew I wanted it to be a monochrome zone. I would have quite liked an all-white space, and for a while that’s exactly what it was – have a look at my photos of the finished room makeover here. But over the past year I’ve been buying gorgeous monochrome artwork and now have a quite a collection, ready to hang in the bedroom.

photo of a collection of black and white art prints, posters and frames

It started when I framed a black and white map of Suffolk and add it to the bedroom wall. I discovered that having something on the wall doesn’t make the space feel cluttered and I actually enjoyed having additional decor items to enjoy. So, whenever I saw a print that I liked during the year, I actually bought it and put it aside, ready for hanging in my monochrome room. I even bought the monochrome lino print below for my husband for Christmas from one of our favourite artists Hannah Farthing (because I really wanted it myself!)

Photo of monochrome lino print by artist Hannah Farthing

However, I didn’t realise quite how difficult it would be to find the right size frames for the pieces I’d bought. I didn’t have any trouble framing the A5 print above, but I searched for ages to find A3 sized frames, with no luck. Other than buying a pricey version online, I just couldn’t find the type of frame and sizes that I needed. The same goes for the huuuge vintage moon poster that my husband was given by a member of his family. I knew it would be the perfect feature print to hang above the bed, but could I find a frame to fit it? Nope.

So I was really chuffed when I found these hanging poster ‘frames’ in the Red Candy sale in January. They’re magnetic strips of wood that clamp onto the top and bottom of a print to turn it into a hanging artwork. I had to get the large A1 portrait poster size for our moon print above (so you can imagine just how big it is) and the small size is ideal for all the A3 prints that I’d struggled to frame.

close up image of the magnets on the hanging magnetic frame

In case you didn’t already know that I’m an animal lover, my A3 cat poster by Etsy shop CraftyCatsArt and this lino print of a dog by local artist Unruly Print (below) leave no doubt haha! The frames I’ve chosen for my prints can be used to hang portrait or landscape images and come in 3 different sizes and finishes. They can hold prints that are slightly smaller or slightly bigger than the frame, and I was pleasantly surprised when our moon poster fit into the large frame so easily.

magnetic hanging frame being applied to lino print of a dog

The good thing about these frames is that they don’t damage the print. Because they’re attached by magnets, you can undo them and move them around as much as you like to get the frame in the correct position. No glue, no holes, no problem! As you can see from the corner of this vintage moon poster, it’s been damaged every time it has been re-pinned on the wall, and I’m glad that the condition won’t be affected by the frame I’ve chosen.

photo of a vintage poster of the moon with pin holes in the corner and magnetic hanging frame attached to the top

I had framed up all the pieces within a matter of minutes (so much quicker than using traditional frames) and am ready to hang them now. I want my husband to join in with the hanging process because he’s worked as a gallery curator in the past so I think he’s the best person to ask about where artwork should be hung!

photo of black and white cat poster framed with a magnetic hanging frame.

I’ll be sure to share some more snaps of my monochrome bedroom once the prints are on the walls so stay tuned! Do you have any suggestions for hanging large artwork? Do let me know in the comments below.


Pinnable photo of poster with text "how to frame oddly-sized art prints and posters"

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