4 Ways to boost the value of your home before renegotiating your mortgage

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As a homeowner, there will inevitably be times when you need to renegotiate your mortgage. It could be that you want to get a more favourable interest rate after a fixed term, or to access to cash by re-mortgaging your home. Of course, part of this process is a home valuation survey, which means that your home needs to be in tip-top condition, so here are 5 ways that you can get your home ready and hopefully boost it’s value…

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Making sure that your home is secure is one sure-fire way to add value. The mortgage lender will be happy because you are looking after “their investment” and keeping your home safe offers YOU protection at the same time. You could increase your security by upgrading the locks on exterior doors to the most comprehensive ones that you can afford. Or, if you do have the budget, installing a home security system will add even more value, which in turn will help you secure that better mortgage rate.

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You really need your home to be spic and span when having a home valuation. A well-kept home tells the valuer that you pay attention to your property and keep it well maintained. Trust me, a valuer who walks into a messy home is likely to spend more time looking for problems than they would in a home that is clean and clutter free. There is a post on my blog about dealing with clutter if you need a bit of help on how to manage this in your home.

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Giving your home a lick of paint will really freshen it up and might help to hide any imperfections. You could spend some time filling in any cracks that have appeared on your walls before you paint to really make sure you are showing your home off at its best. I know it’s a lot of hard work but it will pay off once you get a fantastic valuation and can start comparing mortgage rates to help you get a great rate or to get your hands on that extra cash you need.

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Old switch plates or electrical coverings can make a home look really tired and having dated electrics could even result in a devaluation of your home. Investing in getting an electrician to install new switch and plug plates will give the impression of a well-maintained electrical system and help it appeal to that all-important valuer.

What else would you suggest for improving your home’s value? I’m currently tackling my garden and I’m hoping that this will also add to the value of my property. Let me know your suggestions and household hacks in the comments below.

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