5 Ideas for using Eileen Gray’s Bibendum chair as an accent piece

An accent piece needs to stand out in an interior and the stylish Bibendum chair is a versatile piece furniture to use as an feature piece in room. It goes beyond mere functionality and you can play around with colour, texture, and location in the room. Here’s a rundown of five among many ways you can use the Eileen Gray Bibendum chair as an accent piece in your interior:

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The iconic Art Deco Bibendum Chair is notably one of the most outstanding furniture designs of the 20th century. Designed by Eileen Gray, an Irish-born designer in 1926, it comprises of two semi-circular, leather padded tubes on a base. Its frame, including the legs, are made from polished, chrome plated, stainless steel tubes. Pretty impressive, huh?

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But how can you include such an imposing design in your interior? Why, as an accent piece of course! The stylish Bibendum chair is a versatile piece of furniture that can also be use as an feature piece in any room. It goes beyond mere functionality and you can play around with colour, texture, and location in the room. Here’s a rundown of five ways you can use the Eileen Gray Bibendum chair as an accent piece in your interior:


The Bibendum chair is produced in a wide variety of upholstery finishes and in various colours, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to go for. Remember that an accent piece, especially if it’s furniture, should bring a new design element to a room. This chair gives you the opportunity to make an eye-popping statement while remaining functional.

An easy way to decide on a colour to is by using complementary colours on the colour wheel. Another option would be to choose a colour you love, but that you wouldn’t use ordinarily because it’s too vibrant. For example, in this photo the red Bibendum chair stands out majestically as an accent piece against the neutral monochrome background.


Another idea is to use the Bibendum’s massive size to make a visual statement. With a depth of 840mm and a height of 740mm, the chair is quite an imposing shape! You can take advantage of its impressive size and make it an accent piece in your interior with clever positioning. Place it in an uncluttered part of the room such a bay window or reading corner to ensure that the eye is drawn to it.


You could also try a put-together look by matching the Bibendum chair with other components or elements in the room, such as the curtains, lamps, cushions or wall hangings. For example, in the picture below, the Bibendum chair matches the wall treatment in terms of colour, yet the chair clearly stands out from the other furniture thanks to the pale rug beneath it. This ‘matching’ creates unity in the space while still allowing you to admire the feature chair.


Think about what you want to say to your guests. What mood do you want to create? For instance, if you want to create a retro look you’ll head down a different decorating path than if you are after a zen atmosphere. Keep in mind that an accent piece like this acts as the exclamation point to your design theme and overall mood of the space. So whichever atmosphere you want to create, be sure that the Eileen Gray Bibendum chair fits in seamlessly with your interior and doesn’t look out of place. There’s a very fine line between capturing your guest’s attention and demanding it!

What do you think of this classic art deco chair design? There is no better way to accentuate your interior space than with the Eileen Gray Bibendum chair. As an accent piece, this exquisite chair can add warmth and character to your interior decor, tie a room together, and reflect your own personal style. Bibendum Chair’s amazing functionality and indisputable beauty prove that it is the epitome of innovation and will no doubt add interest into your interior space.

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