Planning to travel? Here’s how to save money on your adventures

Everyone dreams of travelling around the world at some point but unfortunately, it can become quite expensive. Don't worry - there are plenty of travel hacks that can help you save money and enjoy a better travelling experience. Here are 3 tips to get you started:

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Everyone dreams of travelling around the world at some point but unfortunately, it can become quite expensive. Depending on where you want to go to the world and for how long, your wallet might not stretch that far. Don’t worry – there are plenty of travel hacks out there that you can use to help you save money and enjoy a better travelling experience. Here are 3 tips to get you started:


The first thing that you should do is check out any offers. Don’t just book the first flight that you see – instead, pause for a moment and have a look for a cheaper option. You might find that if you go early in the morning you might get a cheaper flight compared to flying at lunch time. You’ll also find that hotels sometimes do offers, particularly if you are booking last minute.

Another saving you can make is on travel insurance. There are loads of different travel insurance companies out there and it is very important that you do get insurance – don’t run the risk of being caught out, it’s not worth it. If you are worried about travel insurance being too expensive then you could check out a comparison website like to help you find and compare the best travel insurance for you. Just by spending a bit of time looking around for cheaper deals you can save money in the long run.


Who says you need to only go travelling during the summer months? Sure, the weather is glorious, but why not save some money by going away at a less popular time? If you can get the time off work, then you can save some money by going just before the kids break up for summer. Or head to hotter climates in the autumn or spring.

If you can travel during less popular times of the year, you can definitely save money on flights, hotels, meals – pretty much everything! You might also find that you have a better time because there are less tourists about, so places are less busy and (if you’re lucky!) you might be able to get an upgrade.


If you like travelling by yourself, then this tip might not be very helpful, but if you really want to save money then the easiest thing to do is travel as a group. Even just simple things like getting a taxi will be a lot cheaper if you’re splitting the cost. Depending on the size of your group, you might be able to get a discount on group bookings when it comes to things like your accommodation.

Even if you only go with a couple of extra people, it still means that things can become a lot cheaper when divided amongst the group. Plus, you’ll get to hang out with your friends – how great does that sound?! You don’t even need to spend every single second together – some days you might want to do something completely different to one another. If you do decide to split up in the day just make sure that you have a way to contact each other and know when you’ll all be meeting up later that day.

I hope that these 3 ideas have got you thinking about cuttings costs for your next trip. For more travelling tips from my blog, have a read of my article for 5 money-saving hacks. And please let me know how you save money on travel in the comments below 🙂

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