How to redecorate and refresh your bedroom when you’re on a budget

Why is it that the vast majority of the time we neglect our bedrooms the most out of all of the rooms in the house? Sure, we are probably the only ones to actually see our bedrooms, and we're mostly asleep when we're in there - but that doesn't mean they can't become a tranquil space for some much-needed 'me time' - here's how...

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We all want a space to call our own where we can relax, shut the door and enjoy some me time. So why is it that the vast majority of the time we neglect our bedrooms the most out of all of the rooms in the house? The mentality surrounding this is more often than not the fact that we are probably the only ones to actually see our bedrooms, and we spend a lot of time in them asleep.

However, our bedrooms are so much more than that. They reflect our vibe and they’re our tranquil haven to escape from the rest of the world – even our own families! But as soon as we think about redecorating, all we see is pound signs and the damage it’s going to do to our bank accounts! Well, redecorating your bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank and, if you do it effectively, you could be adding value too…


Before you do anything, make a redecorating plan and stick to it the best you can. Look at websites such as Pinterest and flick through interior design magazines to help you visualise the perfect bedroom, and then line it up against what you have to work with. For example, if your room is looking a bit bland and you want to brighten it up a little, have a look at accessories that you can use to do just that, such as rugs, bedding and cushions.

By planning ahead you’ll be able to decide what you’re going to do to your room and have an idea of what sort of budget you’ll need. This makes it easier for you to pinpoint where you can save money, and what really needs to be done in your bedroom to turn it into the tranquil space of your dreams.


One of the least expensive yet most transformative things you can do to a room is painting the walls. You can change the entire colour scheme and vibe of a room with just one tin of low-cost paint. Dor example, if you’re looking for a space of zen and tranquillity, opt for spa-like colours – there’s a reason that they use these in places of relaxation. Clean creams, mossy greens and sea blues are perfect for relaxation because they’re colours of nature and can help you to reconnect to the natural world around you.

If you’re a person who gets bored easily and likes to change it up regularly, going for a completely neutral colour on the walls might be a good idea for you. By opting for a neutral wall colour, it gives you free reign to change up the accenting colours of your bedding and accessories if and when you please, without having to consider if it’ll match your walls.

Another plus to painting the walls a neutral colour is that you add value to your home. Yes, really! All the advice to sell your home quickly centres around brightening up your home with fresh white walls and neutral colours. These not only provide buyers with a blank canvas to work with, but also gives the illusion of a larger room, therefore attracting more potential buyers and increasing the likely offer you’re going to get for your home in the future.


You don’t have to be a handyman (or woman!) to be successful in doing it yourself. It’s sometimes the case that the easiest DIY projects can be the most effective and you can even exercise your creativity along the way. The smallest of details can make the biggest difference in a room, so why not consider sanding down and painting the furniture you already have in a colour of your choice?

Bold, colourful furniture is in right now and will bring a lot of life into the room. Likewise, if your furniture is tired, simply replace the handles on it with something different. There are so many little things you can do in your bedroom that won’t take more than an afternoon and there is an abundance of advice and step-by-step projects for you to follow online.


Finally, it’s no secret that in Britain the time we spend outdoors is often limited by the unpredictable weather. To give your room a more tropical feel, why not invest in some low maintenance house plants to finish it off? Not only do they look great, but many are also air purifying so they’re healthy to have in a room too. Nice to look at and health benefits – what more could you ask for?

Let me know what other easy transformations you can think of for redecorating your bedroom and creating a tranquil space on a budget in the comments below 🙂

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