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Interior design is an ever-changing industry with something new appearing each year. It seems like only yesterday that everyone was talking about all-white kitchens and modern furniture, but times have changed – already! Black kitchens are on the rise, and curvy organic shapes are everywhere. In today’s post, I’ve summarised muchneeded.com’s recent analysis of interiors publications and online data, which outlines the most significant trends in interior design for 2019, so that you can get the look for less…


Biophilic design is in for 2019. There has been a growing appreciation for natural elements (and, of course, plants) in interior design. Natural tones and earthy green colours are preferred — with wooden furniture on the rise. Sustainability and the use of natural materials are likely to be at the forefront of design all year. More than half the publications we analysed specifically called out either plants or sustainability, and Pinterest searches for gardening are rising. 

There has been a 287% Pinterest search volume increase for vertical gardens and a 35% Pinterest search volume increase for cactus arrangements. Combine that with three times more Google searches for tropical plants, and 6 in 4 publications highlighting sustainability or use of plants, and you can be sure that bringing nature into your home will help you follow this trend.


Gone are the days of all-white everything in living spaces and kitchens. Kitchen décor is turning black; black shelves, tiles, appliances, and the overall interior. 30% of interiors blogs call out the use of patterned or monochrome splashbacks, while 50% of publications highlight all-black (or mostly black) kitchens. 

What happens when it comes to bathrooms? Well, bigger may be better. Dark, spa-like spacious bathrooms with walk-in showers, black décor and hardware in pewter and gunmetal are all in style.1 in 5 publications show an increase in showpiece bathtubs for 2019 so paint your roll-top bath in a dark hue to follow this trend.


While home décor stores continue to retail minimalist style artwork and accessories, experts expect that’ll all change this year as maximalism makes a return. On Pinterest there has been a whopping 401% search volume for bold print wallpaper and a 50% increase in interior design publications highlighting bold, patterned wallpaper. And 1970s yellow is threatening to make a comeback. Based on Pinterest, we have seen a 45% increase in search volume for mustard yellow so go bold, bright and patterned to follow the maximalism trend.


Another exciting interiors trend for people who like to DIY (like I do!) or love natural-looking pieces, there has been a move from manufactured items to handmade and handcrafted pieces that add a more personal style to a room. There has been a 1718% increase for textile art on Pinterest, which includes macramé and other handmade techniques. 60% of publications in the meta-analysis referred to handcrafted works, while handmade good retail website Etsy has seen sales of up to 3.93 billion.

There are few other trends noted in the meta-analysis that didn’t fit into these categories above. 6 in 10 interior design publications pointed towards curvy furniture, including scallop shapes, adding a lovely feminine style to minimalist interiors. And, if you’re thinking about landscaping your garden, there has been a 262% increase in Pinterest search volume for natural swimming pools – another spa-esque feature. Overall, we can agree that interior design is ever-changing, and you should follow your personal tastes as much as the designs online. What trends do you plan to introduce into your décor this year? Let me know in the comments below 😊

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