How to personalise your wedding day (for sci-fi, music, TV and vintage fans)

Your wedding day is extra-important for one special reason - it's YOUR wedding day. And shouldn't your ceremony and reception reflect your personality as a couple? If you want to express yourself, be surrounded by your favourite things and feel super-comfortable on your big day, it's time to personalise your event. Here's how...

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Your wedding day is extra-important for one special reason – it’s YOUR wedding day. And shouldn’t your ceremony and reception reflect your personality as a couple? If you want to express yourself, be surrounded by your favourite things and feel super-comfortable on your big day, it’s time to personalise your event. Here’s how…

Sure, the big day will be personal to you anyway – both your names are on the invitations and all over the venue. You may even use personalised ribbon to decorate the favours or tie your bouquet. You might have gone as far as having personalised bottles of wine from the local vineyard – like we did! But you can go one step further by incorporating your interests into the event.

Firstly, have a think about what your favourite things are; what brought you together as a couple in the first place? What did you have in common in those early days? And what do you enjoy doing together now? If you’ve got an interesting hobby, are super-fans of a particular film, band or TV show, or if you’ve just always wanted a fun theme for your wedding, now’s the time to really go for it. After all, you only get married once!


If you both have a love of a particular style of music, or are mega-fans of a band from your youth, why not incorporate this into your wedding? It’s easy to bring music into the big day, as you’ll be having musicians playing at the ceremony or reception and you can put together your dream playlist. It is YOUR big day and you should enjoy the music selection, right?!

The ‘first dance’ song and your walking-down-the-aisle music are both important to set the scene for a music-themed wedding. When I got married we decided to have the Beatles’ When I’m Sixty-Four as our first dance because we are both huge Beatles fans and used to listen to a green cassette tape of Beatles tracks in the car when we were first dating. Plus, we had booked to see the Bootleg Beatles as the first day of our honeymoon so it was the perfect theme for us.

But don’t just stop at the music – you could incorporate your favourite band or music style into the whole event. Go for a music-festival theme and hold the reception in a tipi tent and let your guests camp Glastonbury-style around the venue field. You could book your favourite local folk band to play and even hire a backdrop for your photobooth that suits the style of music – from hiphop graffiti to this cooooool Abbey Road background (below). I SO wish I had known about this when I was getting married in the South all those years ago.

Don’t forget to book a weekend at Latitude Festival for your honeymoon to complete the music theme or, at the very least, go to see your favourite band perform soon after the wedding. It’ll give you both something to look forward to and you can spend time together as a couple once the craziness of the big day has died down.


Perhaps film and TV is more your kind of thing? If so, why not incorporate your favourite show or movie into your big day? I could just imagine the bride walking down the aisle to the theme music from Star Wars and posing for photographs in front of a ‘galaxy far far away’ photobooth backdrop like the one below. Just imagine the gorgeous alternative confetti shot you could get with sparkling stars-and-moons confetti being sprinkled at warp-speed over the bride and groom!

You don’t have to go as far as dressing up in cosplay outfits on your wedding day BUT it is a fun idea to let any invited children wear superhero costumes to your wedding. They’ll much prefer wearing a fancy dress outfit than a shirt and bow tie so it’ll be easier to persuade them to get ready on the morning of the big day. And all the mini heroes can have a group photo together, which will look SO cute!

And can you imagine a cooler photobooth than your very own Tardis? If you’re a Dr. Who buff, or a Sci-Fi fan in general, that’s got to be a pretty awesome way to capture photos of your guests at the reception, right?! I found this police box Tardis photo booth (above) available to hire in South London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent & Hampshire and you’d be surprised how many wedding guests can fit in it *insert wink emoji*! It’s certainly something that people will talk about for years to come and you can bet that guests will use photos them coming out of the Tardis as their profile pics on their social accounts.


If, like me, you’re a fan of all things vintage – clothing, decor, dance, music, furniture, make-up, everything – then giving your wedding a retro theme is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re living your vintage dream. You can style your venue to make it seem like guests are stepping back in time and can play background music through a gramophone for an authentic sound.

Choose a knee-length, tea dress wedding gown and pile on the winged eyeliner. Add seamed stockings and you’re ready to walk down the aisle in full-on ’50s glamour! It’s an easy theme for guests to get involved in so send them the details with their invitation and ask them to dress in suitably period-style clothing too. Smart suits can look effortlessly vintage with the addition of a bow tie, hat, braces or waistcoat.

In the evening, put on a lindy-hop dance class to get guests up on their feet and joining in the vintage swing dancing. And you can definitely set up a photobooth backdrop that looks just like a vintage home and take photos using an antique style camera and lighting on wooden tripods, with unlimited 6×4 REAL prints, either in full colour or with an aged sepia filter. Guests won’t be able to believe it when they head back into the present day with print-outs that prove your wedding was set in the last century.

What do you think of these ideas for wedding themes? Would you like to personalise your big day with some of your favourite things? Let me know in the comments below what theme you would choose – and if you’re already married, I’d love to hear what you did to personalise your big day 🙂


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