11 Low-cost (+ cheeky!) games to get your hen party started

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A hen party weekend isn’t complete without some hilarious games for the girls. Some of the bride’s pals will already be friendly other with from school or uni, while others may be connected to the bride through family, work or activities and may not know anyone else. So party games are essential in breaking the ice and getting everyone involved in the group. Today’s post includes a round-up of the most popular games for a hen weekend with large groups of girls. Let’s begin..!


This game seeks to challenge the bride on her knowledge of her husband-to-be, which is why it’s one of the most popular games. This game requires the maid-of-honour to do a bit of pre-planning as you will need to get the groom’s answers beforehand – you could even film his responses and play them back at the hen party! Every hen can participate by asking the bride a question. If she gives a wrong answer, she can do a forfeit!


This game involves dares so you’ll need to come up with a list of dares, then everyone is required to pick one at random. If the hen doesn’t complete the dare, then she takes a sip of prosecco. Also, another exciting version could be that the bride is the first one to be dared. If she completes the dare, she then becomes the one in charge and dishes out the dares to the rest of the hens. If prosecco is not your thing, a gin and tonic or cocktail could be an alternative – but I have to say, always enjoy prosecco (or any drink) in moderation!


All the hens must write down their favourite or funniest memories of the bride anonymously. If people are participating who are not that close with the bride, ask them to write about their first impression of her. The bride is then given the notes to read out loud and must try to guess who wrote that particular note. This is an excellent way for people to find out more about the bride and there will no doubt be some blushes along the way!


Give the classic drawing game Pictionary a funny makeover by making up your own clue cards – this can be a mix of perfectly innocent drawings (a sausage perhaps) as well as some rather explicit options (I’ll let you come up with those!). Likewise, you could use any other board games – play Boggle or Scrabble but the hens must ONLY use naughty words!


The objective of this activity is to model the perfect man. All you need is some plasticine and assign each hen a body part to make. The hens should not share or show their workmanship. The bride then is tasked with assembling the parts together to make a dream groom for her wedding.


The goal here is to get the hens’ perception of the bride. Therefore, you’ll need to compile a list of statements about the bride, some of which are true and some are false. Read the statements out loud for the hens to guess which statements are describing the bride and which ones do not.


If you want to spice up your hen weekend when you’re all out at a bar, a cocktail quiz is the solution. The way this game works is that you test the hens’ knowledge on the different names of cocktails and get them to guess the ingredients. It gets funnier when you ask the barman to prepare the cocktails based on the different wrong guesses your hens settled on!


Ask every hen to write the detail of themselves on a post-it note – the naughtier, the better. The let all the hens match each note to a photo of who they think the confession is about.


Put list of wedding-themed films into a hat or bowl and divide the hens into teams. One team will choose a film title and then act out scenes so that the other hens can try to guess the name of the film. And be sure to have some wedding-themed DVDs on standby for those quiet times at the hen party when you want to wind-down.


A naughty spin on Pin the Tail on The Donkey, this game involves you printing out a large poster of a random hunk (or the groom perhaps?!) and taking it turns to pin trunks (or whatever) on to him while blindfolded. The game could rude or entertaining, depending on your imagination!


Most of the hens will have attended weddings in the past, and you will all have seen some things that keep appearing in each one of them. So how well do you know these traditions? Prepare for the quiz by searching for those old wedding traditions online and print out the reasons why they happen. The the hens must match the reason to the custom.

And don’t forget that classic hen party activity – writing down some funny marriage advice for the bride. The bride can then read them out loud and try to guess who wrote which piece of advice. A hen’s weekend basically is all about having fun, so any games that are likely to accomplish this are more than welcome. To make those hen weekend activities even easier you can hire a wedding entertainment company who specialise in craft classes, dance lessons, cookery workshops or go for a full party planning experience so that you can all enjoy the weekend without any worries. Let me know your tips for having a fun hen party weekend and I’d love to learn about some more ideas for party games so please share them in the comments below πŸ™‚


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