5 Ideas for using the iconic Artichoke lamp in your home

The iconic artichoke lamp was first showcased in 1958 and has been garnering praise for over 60 years. Danish architect Paul Henningsen created the classic design & here are 5 ways you can use it in your home...
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The artichoke lamp has been around for quite a few decades now, and its popularity is not waning. It has been garnering praise for over 60 years from people who appreciate mid-century design and are one of the most iconic lamps that combine function with form. 

The artichoke design was first showcased in 1958 as the ceiling lights for a buzzy new restaurant in Copenhagen. Paul Henningsen, an architect from a small Danish town, is the creator of the infamous artichoke lamp. The ceiling light’s innovative Danish design came from his previous hygge-esque designs, which ultimately combined form and function in one magnificent ceiling light structure.  

The artichoke lamp is named as such because it resembles an upside-down artichoke. The lamp comprises of 72 “leaves” made of copper and individually attached to 12 chrome arches on the lamp by hand. The ceiling light’s design conceals the light bulb, but the arrangement of the “leaves” around it disperses the light, which produces a warm glow that illuminates the room. The very essence of hygge.

Paul Henningsen was a revolutionary lamp designer who was one of the first to incorporate design in something as commonplace as a light source. Despite the design being over 60 years old, the artichoke lamp’s popularity seems unfaltering so here are five ideas to nail the function and style of an artichoke lamp in your home…


The warm and glare-free glow of the artichoke lamp is one of this light fixture’s most appreciated qualities. It is perfect lighting for a bedroom where you can relax and read a book, without the glare of the bulb. 


A dining table is a place where people converge for a hearty meal and conversations. The artichoke lamp diffuses only a warm glow to the space creating a calm and relaxed space. You can mount the light on a longer flex to allow it to hang low over the centre of the dining table to create an intimate atmosphere. It’s like having a candle-lit meal, without the candles.


The iconic design of the artichoke lamp isn’t stuck in the mid-century era – it still looks cool and contemporary to this day. Its structure isn’t as grand as a chandelier but also much more impressive than a plan lamp shade. It always makes an eye-catching fixture, especially for a living room. Having an artichoke to light up your living area can also be a great conversation piece. 


Have you ever seen those impressive light fittings that hang long beside the sweeping staircase of a stately home? For a more ‘domestic’ version of this, an artichoke lamp is a great option. It provides enough light dispersed by the “leaves” design to light your stairway and hanging it on a long flex beside the stairs creates an impressive accent in the centre of the hall. 


Make your home bar look super-swish with the artichoke lamp. It’s an elegant choice to create the cool ambiance you want to add personality to your space. Depending on the design of your cocktail cabinet, this light fitting can look thoroughly mid-century – or even Art Deco. Either hang the light above the bar or use a lampshade version on a table lamp.

The artichoke light has come a long way. Its design is enduring and it now comes in variety of finishes including on-trend brushed brass, in addition to its original polished steel, white paint, and white glass finish. After 60 long years, the artichoke lamp is still desirable and genuinely timeless so keep an eye out for one to add a design-led feel to your home.


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