3 Alternative holiday ideas for 2020 that’ll help you save money this summer

It's finally the summer holidays, but it feels a bit weird, doesn't it? So what can you do this summer if you want to have a break but have a budget to stick to? Here are some ideas...

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It’s finally the summer holidays. But it feels a bit weird, doesn’t it? The schools have broken up but, for many children, they’ve already been out of school for months. Your annual leave has come around, but your trip abroad has been cancelled. So what can you do this summer if you want to have a break but have a budget to stick to? Here are some ideas…


I’m not just talking about a UK-based holiday – although I’ll come onto some money saving ways you can go away in the UK in a minute. In this instance, I mean a full-on holiday at home. IN your own home. Take that time off you’ve got booked and actually have a break in your own bedroom. Let’s face it, you were probably looking forward to renting a holiday home in a quaint town, so why can’t that be your own home instead?

I’ve written a blog post about ways to make your own house feel like a holiday home so have a read to see what simple, low-cost changes you can make to get that relaxed, home-away-from-home vibe. Then simply ‘arrive’ at your holiday home and only do the things that you would do if you were on holiday. Play games, read books, go for walks, do a puzzle. Just, whatever you do, don’t start DIYing or digging the garden! The aim here is to actually have a break, even though it’s in your own home.


There’s no need to go abroad to feel like you’ve had a holiday. Especially with all the gorgeous hot weather we’ve been enjoying in Britain recently. In fact, it would probably be too hot to be somewhere in Europe right now, wouldn’t it? Luckily, it’s a lot cheaper to book a break ‘at home’ rather than abroad this summer, and some great last minute hotel deals in the UK can be found by searching online.

It seems like a lot of hotels and holiday parks are opening up again in time for the summer holidays. So, even though the facilities and entertainment might be reduced at the moment, there are still opportunities to get away. For a relaxing and safer break, stay away from bustling seaside towns and head to the countryside for long walks, beer gardens and stunning sunsets.


Caravanning, glamping or just good old camping is a great option for your summer holiday this year. It’s often a lot cheaper to camp rather than stay in a hotel or holiday home so you could probably enjoy a full week’s holiday for the same price as a weekend away. That is, if you’ve already got a tent or caravan! If not, maybe you could ask around to see if anyone you know can lend you a tent for your UK-based holiday.

Once you’ve pitched your tent or unhitched your caravan at a secluded camp site, you can enjoy peaceful walks and simple activities, like kicking a ball around or playing cards. The whole point of camping is to unwind by getting away from technology – maybe even electricity – for a period of time. So enjoy the peace and quiet this option brings.

What do you have planned for your summer holiday this year? We’ve just enjoyed a week’s staycation at home by turning off our computers, stepping away from chores around the house, and ordering some extra treats (those holiday home essentials) from the milkman. Let me know your own ideas for enjoying a break during the summer of 2020 in the comments below 🙂


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