How to make some much-needed extra cash over the coming month

If funds are looking a little low & you need to make some cash in a flash, you don't even have to leave your house in order to add to your savings pot - here are some ideas for making extra money this month...

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If funds are looking a little low and you need to make some cash in a flash, I’ve got the answer. You don’t even have to leave your house in order to add to your savings pot – which is my preferred way of doing everything! There are many things you can do to get hold of some extra money over the next month and here’s what you can try…


While I’ve previously blogged some ideas for longer-term money-making side hustles, one of the quickest ways to make money is to sell some of things in your home. I’m not talking about the essentials – there’s no need to get rid of your bed or TV – but you can have a hunt around to see what you’ve got that you no longer want or need. This has the added bonus of helping you clear out the clutter while being rewarded for it with some much-needed cash.

Here are some items you might not need but that you could still get good money for:


Let’s start with items that you probably won’t miss if you got rid of them – the clothes and accessories you no longer wear. Or maybe it’s fashion items that you’ve NEVER worn and that still have the tags on. If you’ve got items like this you can sell them online using eBay (go for a short auction listing or a buy-it-now option for a quick turnaround) or you could even just put photos of your items on your Instagram account to sell to your friends and followers.

As you might expect, jewellery and watches have a good value so you should consider selling them if you no longer wear them and need cash fast! Traditionally you would have taken these items to a jewellers or pawn shop for a valuation or to sell them, but did you know that you can trade-in or sell watches online now too? It’s a simple case of submitting the details of your item and a professional will value your watches and jewellery, and provide an offer without you having to leave your home.


Most tech items still have a value, even if you’ve already upgraded to the newest model. While it’s no longer any use to you, last year’s smartphone or tablet might be ideal for someone looking to buy some tech for a bargain price. The key to selling tech online is that you should be completely honest about the condition of the device and post lots of photos so that buyers can see exactly what they’re getting.

Again, you can offer items for sale on eBay or sell it to a company like Music Magpie who resells tech and media, although you’ll probably get a lower price than if you sell privately. If you’re worried about how to get items to the people who have bought them, you can easily arrange a low cost courier collection from your door or, if the item is small enough to fit into a post box, you can even print out postage at home with Royal Mail Click & Drop service.


If you’ve decluttered and sold so much stuff that you’ve now got an empty sideboard, shelving unit or wardrobe, you can even sell the piece of furniture! Pop it onto the local ads on Gumtree or the selling pages on Facebook to let local people know what you’ve got for sale. This can be a really quick way to sell your items, as people will message you within minutes if they’re interested and, because they’re local, they can pop round to pick up the item and pay you the same day.

Similarly, selling garden gear or leftover building supplies is a great way to make space in your shed or garage while making a bit of extra cash. If you’ve finished insulating your loft but have a few rolls of insulation left over, there’s certain to be someone on Facebook marketplace who will give you a few pounds for them AND take them away, opening up some space in your outhouse.

I hope this blog post has given you some ideas for making some money over the coming month. It’s always great to get money for things you no longer need anyway – AND you get that extra space in your home, what a bonus! Please let me know your own ideas for making extra cash from home in the comments below.


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  1. I never realised that you could sell watches online. I have a couple to sell so will look into it. I’m currently decluttering some unwanted treasures and have found Facebook marketplace to be a great way of selling my things quickly. Ebay has been great too. I’m currently looking at some of different apps for selling books to see if they’ll take the ones that seem to be lingering.

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