House tour of stylist Tamsyn Morgans’ fairytale vintage home

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When I first discovered stylist and photographer Tamsyn Morgans’ website, I was blown away by her beautiful images and fairy-tale-esque interiors. Tamsyn has kindly given me permission to share a tour of her home on my blog today so read on to step inside her whimsical, vintage world…

Sometimes a home is so beautiful that it stops you in your tracks. You’re casually flicking through a magazine or scrolling through Instagram when an interior catches your eye and immediately draws you in. That’s exactly how I feel whenever I see photos of Tamsyn Morgan’s home. And I’m sure you can see why – just take a look at these photographs if her show-stopping spaces and perfectly pieced-together decor.

I had the pleasure of writing about Tamsyn’s stunning home for Reloved magazine a couple of years ago and we’ve been in touch on Instagram ever since. Every photo she shares is a true gem – effortlessly styled, perfectly lit and full of florals. If you haven’t already seen her profile, you must check it out now @tamsynmorgans.

Tamsyn works freelance, shooting products for small businesses, as well as taking house tour photos and creating brand imagery. Even now, she is able to work remotely with clients to photograph products they’ve posted to her, using her vintage props to create magical images.

She’s a woman after my own heart; she loves rummaging at car boot fairs to uncover pieces for her styling projects. She’s super-thrifty and a true DIYer – her whole kitchen is knocked-up from painted pallet wood, can you believe it? In fact, it was her upcycling projects that first grabbed my attention when I visited her website

I knew I needed to share a tour of her home as it provides plenty of thrifty interior inspiration. How can a decor that beautiful be created on a budget? Well, Tamsyn has achieve it, so you can too! It’s simply a case of searching secondhand sales for bargains and pulling pieces together to style the space.

I love the battered tins, floral tea cups and kichenalia that Tamsyn has sourced for her pastel kitchen. But the key here is to build up your collection of vintage pieces over time for an authentic look – you can’t just go to a shop and kit out your kitchen in one day. The fun is in searching for the perfect retro bread-bin or collection of coloured glass.

As a professional photoshoot stylist with over 20 years experience, Tamsyn certainly has an eye for sourcing props and decor. Whereas I would probably walk past a pile of lace curtains, crumpled linens and floral quilts at a car boot sale or in a charity shop, she would stop and have a root through. And would no-doubt find a gem of a blanket that’s ideal for layering on her vintage daybed.

She’s no stranger to upcycling either, and her home just goes to show what you can achieve with a paintbrush and some chalk paint. Tamsyn’s white-washed furniture serves as a neutral backdrop that really allows her vintage collections to take centre stage. It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to refresh a tatty old unit.

Add a few pieces that pop with colour to create a playful vintage look – like this stunning turquoise cupboard above. Tamsyn simply adds off-cuts of floral wallpaper to cupboard doors to achieve that fairytale feel. Isn’t this a wonderful idea for upcycling old wooden furniture?

One theme that runs throughout her home and makes the whole space feel truly vintage are the floral artworks on the walls. But it needn’t cost a fortune to fill your home with art. Simply keep an eye out for old paintings at retro fairs and car boot sales. Or take inspiration from Tamsyn and frame up the pages of old botanical books. These delicate floral illustrations add a fairytale feel to a gallery wall.

Coincidentally, Tamsyn and I now both write for Reclaim magazine; her beautifully styled photos grace the 8 pages immediately before my Design Icon column. Often, I’m more excited to see what she’s come up with each month than seeing my own words in print. (Just kidding, it’s always exciting for me to see my words in print!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of Tamsyn’s whimsical vintage home and please share it with your friends. And if you’re a small business who needs beautiful product imagery, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with Tamsyn at She can use her own props and interiors to style up your products and create special photos that stop customers in their tracks!


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