Money-saving simple spring spruce-ups for your home

In the spring I love to find new ways to spruce up my home; tidying, decluttering and revamping my interior. Of course, I always want any improvements to be as low-cost as possible so here are some thrifty tips to get your home looking fab for spring...

At this time of year I find myself spending more time looking for ways to spruce up my home; tidying, decluttering and revamping my interior. Of course, I always want any improvements to my decor to be as low-cost as possible so I won’t be splashing the cash to refresh my rooms. Instead, here are some thrifty tips, upcycling projects and simple ideas to get your home looking fab for spring…

I got the idea for today’s blog post when Wayfair asked me how I spruce up my home for spring so I thought I would share my responses with you in case it inspires you to tackle some tasks in your own home.

Wayfair: What expert tips do you have when it comes to keeping your home organised and clutter free?

I find it really stressful to live in a messy environment so I always try to keep my home as clutter-free as possible. It’s almost a hobby of mine to clear out any unnecessary items and donate them to the local charity shop. You could call me a minimalist – although I’m sure my home looks nothing like you would imagine a minimalist home to look! The fewer items I own, the easier it is to maintain my home, both in terms of keeping the items themselves clean AND keeping my rooms tidy. I much prefer to have too much empty space inside my storage cabinets than have items spilling out every time I open a cupboard door. And I love to label boxes so that everything has a place to be tidied away to.

Wayfair: Are there any spruce ups or small refreshes you like to do as we transition from winter into a new spring season?

I recently wrote a blog post on interior inspiration for transitioning from winter to spring featuring the home of my friend and interiors blogger Amy from Cuter Tudor. I think her rooms look fresh, light and airy, with accessories and floral displays that reflect the season. It’s so easy (and free!) to bring foliage and flowers in from the garden to fill a table vase. It really helps to bring the outside in, it helps your interior to look as thought it has been specially styled for the season and, depending on the blooms you bring in, it may even add a lovely fresh scent to your home. Go for blossom branches and daffodils to really get that spring feeling in your home.

Wayfair: When you think about a bedroom refresh, what materials, colours or accents do you like to incorporate and why?

Much like the old-fashioned idea of swapping the thick winter curtains for lightweight cotton ones in the spring, I have different bedding for different seasons. I have an all-season duvet which has layers that can be detached as the weather warms up. It always feels so lovely when the time comes to take off the thickest layer as I know that means spring is here and summer is on its way. I also have a thicker, heavier linen duvet cover that I use more in the winter and I love to switch to the light cotton bedding when the nights feel warmer. I love a spring spruce-up that involves washing all the wooly winter blankets and packing them away until next autumn.

Wayfair: When it comes to bedding, how can people use theirs to spruce up their bedroom while on a budget?

If you keep your bedding simple with white cotton sheets and pillowcases you can easily update the room with splashes of colour or pattern to reflect the season. I have a yellow throw that brightens up the bedroom for spring and fluffy blankets in warm rust colours for autumn. Buying a new blanket is probably the cheapest way to completely refresh a room. It adds colour without you needing to paint the walls – saving you time and money, and you don’t need to commit to a big change!

What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any tips of your own for sprucing up your home for spring? I’d love to hear your ideas so please leave a comment below with your seasonal decor advice. 🙂


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