Tuesday Shoesday ~ Mens brogues

There’s something about the trend for ‘boyfriend’ clothes that makes me happy. It always looks so comfortable – probably because it’s over-size – and there’s always the chance that it will still smell a little of your fella’s aftershave, which is the best scent in the world! I’ve been shopping for a denim shirt for ages but couldn’t find the right one, so when my hubby tried on a gorgeous denim shirt in H&M I actually ‘grrrr’d that he’d found one and I hadn’t. But then a light-bulb went off in my head and I demanded that I try it on too. So I headed into the changing rooms and thankfully it fitted me just right and I didn’t look too much like I was wearing a typical painter-and-decorator outfit (which is what all the women’s denim shirts looked like on me). So we decided to go halves on it and share the denim shirt. It obviously looks waaay better on him than on me, but I love it and it’s kinda cute-but-sickening that we are sharing clothes now!

tuesdsay shoesday mens footwear grey suede brogues for ladies

Now, it’s not quite the same deal with ‘boyfriend shoes’. Unless you and your fella have got the same size feet, the whole ‘caring-and-sharing’ thing isn’t going to work. Hubby bought this grey suede pair above from a charity shop in Cambridge and although I think they are great, there’s no-way I’d be able to wear them on my size 4 trotters. But taking inspiration from mens shoes does work and I love, love, LOVE all the the brogue-esque ladies shoes out there. You may remember that I stocked up on a pair of school shoes from New Look recently (below) and I’ve just realised how broguey they actually are – albeit with a small heel. I think it’s the heel, the wedge or the stiletto that makes these brogues more wearable for women (especially vertically-challenged ones like me) – although a flat pair with trousers is super cool or wearing flat brogues with a casual dress is possibly the cutest look around.

tuesday shoesday back to school shoes from new look

I’m currently reading Luella’s Guide to English Style by designer Luella Bartley and she mentions brogues in her list of English fashion staples – here’s what she has to say about them: “A rolled-up boiler suit, white ankle socks and a pair of brogues. One of the pivotal moments in my style education. Bananarama, I will always love you. There is so much more I could say on this matter but isn’t that beautiful vision a strong enough argument in itself?”. If Luella is championing the traditional brogue in her list of stylish footwear, we can’t be going too far wrong by wearing these classics.

While out on the high street this week, I noticed a massive influx female brogues in the stores and, although I’m sticking with my bargain ‘school shoes’ from the teen department, here are my favourites from New Look at £16, tan ASOS shoes at £14 in the sale,  and patent brogues £12 from George at Asda – what a bargain!

tuesday shoesday ladies brogues flat shoes from george asda asos new look

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