Tuesday Shoesday ~ little boots for the little ‘uns

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I’ve been thinking it’s about time that my Tuesday Shoesday blog posts begin looking at something different. So far, I’ve always focused on ladies shoes – I know I mentioned mens brogues a couple of weeks ago, but somehow I managed to turn it into a women’s fashion post again. Well this week I am focusing on the little people in our lives and their tiny feet – is there actually anything cuter?!

Start rite brown digby chelsea boots for toddlers

This week I have had the pleasure of reviewing a gorgeous pair of Start-rite boots with the help of my adorable little nephew. When I first flicked through the online Start-rite lookbook I was overwhelmed by how cute the tiny toddler shoes were, and couldn’t believe that the brand had actually managed to recreate shoes that any adult would be happy to wear, but for tiiiiiny feet. There were so many pairs that I wanted for myself – I know I’ve got small feet, but not that small – but I was equally happy to choose a pair of tiny stylish chelsea boots for my favourite little man.

Start rite brown leather digby chelsea boots for toddlers

There were squeals galore when the tiny shoe box arrived containing the world’s smallest replica of a pair of mens leather boots – so well packaged and fantastic quality! I know that whole point of getting a pair of Start-rite shoes is to give your children’s’ feet the best possible support and fit so that they don’t damage their growing feet when they start walking, but honestly, the main attraction for me was how fantastically well-designed and fashionable they look! But as I said, that’s not the point, it’s all about protecting young feet and Start-rite offer whole and half sizes plus 6 width fittings so I can be sure that they are exactly the right size for my little nephew and won’t compromise the development of his tiny feet.

start-rite boots playing with my newphew and his first pair of shoes

I’ve been bursting to share these gorgeous photos of my lovely nephew wearing a pair of Start-rite Digby boots. As soon as we popped the boots on his feet, he was off! Running, jumping around and kicking up the leaves at the playground – for a child who’d only ever toddled around a bit, he was certainly getting a move on now that he had the right footwear! As you can imagine, the boots fitted him to perfection, and they were flexible yet the durable materials were strong enough to withstand all of the mucky activities he was getting stuck into. I think he looks super-cool in the boots and they’ll be great for the whole of the winter. I can’t see them getting ruined or breaking anytime soon, so even after he grows out of them I’m sure they will be polished up ready to hand down to the next addition to the family – or otherwise I want them back, just to look at!

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  1. Thanks, we had a great time playing together at the park! He seemed to be lots more stable in his boots – there was considerably less toppling-over anyway! πŸ™‚

  2. What fun he is having, the perfect playground to try out his new boots. I noticed that the last photo had the two pairs of boots side by side wonderful visual image of a successful outing

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