My little vintage caravan ~ Clearing up the glitter

Some items have been gifted

A couple of weeks ago, one of my closest friends and blogger-extraordinaire Jenna from Glitter Daze blog came to stay with me and we has a fantastic time going on little trips, taking snaps for our blogs and getting stuck into craft projects so that we would have plenty of DIY tutorials ready for you over the festive period. I hope to share her Christmas wreath tutorial with you soon and it’s full of plenty of Glitter Daze glam! Not one to arrive empty-handed, Jenna rocked up on my doorstep with advent calendars, chocolate, bubbly and (of course) these 3 massive tubs of glitter for me below, wowzers! Expect plenty of sparkly crafts coming on up on the blog soon! But this does mean that on-top of all the tulle, thread and general sewing debris that litters the floor of my vintage caravan workshop, I now have glitter to content with – and lots of it! So when I had the chance to review a Dyson vacuum cleaner I couldn’t believe my luck – it was as if the world had conspired to give me the gift of glitter, along with the means to clear it up!

new dyson to keep my little vintage caravan workshop clean

So I’ve just received my new vacuum cleaner, and the first job was sorting out my caravan carpet. I don’t know if you can see clearly in these photos, but there is plenty of dropped glitter all over the carpet (I think it added to the glam pinkness) plus loads of thread etc. I’ve long since given up keeping my workshop floor clean because my old vacuum just wasn’t sucky enough to get the threads out of the carpet pile. I know that sounds a little lazy of me (how do you think that the thread got on the floor in the first place? yep, too lazy to put it in the bin) and  I’ve recently been thinking that perhaps a vinyl floor might have been a better choice so that I could simply sweep it up after every project. But now, I won’t have to worry about that – because the Dyson has a rotating brush head that picked up every thread – I turned it on and I could immediately see threads whipping around the head before I’d even started moving it around the carpet.

using dyson to clean up glitter and thread in my little vintage caravan

The DC39 model that I’d chosen was designed for animal hair because as you know I’ve got two very very fluffy cats who like to shed everywhere (mostly on my lap). I thought that the vacuum would therefore be suitable for removing the standard layer of fur that settles over my home, plus it would also be able to tackle the sewing debris in my caravan. Even the tiny turbine head (top pics), which is usually used for getting pet hair out of upholstery, has little rotating brushes and picks up wool, lint and fluff with ease. There was even cat fluff in the dust cylinder that I hadn’t seen at all on my caravan floor, so it really does pick up all pet hair so now I can invite my allergic little sister over to my house after a quick whip-round with the Dyson.

using dyson to vacuum my little vintage caravan

You can see that I’ve chosen one of the little cylinder vacuum’s rather than the upright one. I’ve struggled in the past with the weight of the upright ones when using one of the old original Dysons, and even though they are now much lighter and have been redesigned with the roller-ball for easy manoeuvring, I still have a lot of nooks and crannies that I want to vacuum so I wanted a smaller ‘pod’ vacuum. As you can see, it fits into my little vintage caravan just nicely and I didn’t feel like it was taking up all the space or getting in my way. The roller-ball means that I could vacuum all around the house and it followed me wherever I went (a bit like my cats) without getting stuck on anything – it just moved around obstacles in the same way that I did. I also chose the cylinder vacuum because it has lots of different brush heads, including an articulating head which can swivel to fit down the side of units – perfect for me! All in all, I’m over-the-moon with my new Dyson and am happier still that I don’t have to do my regular 6-monthly hunt for expensive replacement bags for the old vacuum any more!

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  1. Oh dear! Sorry I have caused so much mess, but happy that you can clean it up! Think I may too have to invest in a Dyson, takes me FOREVER to clean up after one of my glitter projects 🙁

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