Tuesday Shoesday ~ Slip into something comfortable

It’s Tuesday Shoesday I-wish-I-could-snooze-day. For some reason I am super-tired today, which is why your weekly hit of footwear is coming to you a little later than expected after a very slow start this morning. There’s no reason that I should be so sleepy this morning, in fact I’ve had a really rather relaxing weekend with much less rushing around than normal. Our favourite pub has started opening on Sunday afternoons so hubby and I had a particularly chilled-out Sunday of drinking tea and eating cake… very restful and sloth-like. Monday wasn’t particularly difficult either, and I was in bed by 10pm so really there is no explanation for why I’m desperate to snuggle up in my PJs and have a lie-in today.

At least something good has come out of my Sleeping-Beauty-esque mentality – today’s Tuesday Shoesday is focussing on something I’d love to be mooching around the house in right now – slippers. That’s right, the top quality pun in the title of this blog post is not there by accident, oh no. I want to discuss slippers so lets do it now!

tuesday shoesday comfortable ladies christmas slipper boots

Cinderella had completely the wrong idea with glass slippers…

Apart from the yawns that I’m currently directing at the laptop screen, I know why I want to bring your attention to how awesome slippers are. And that’s because I was given a pair by my mother a couple of weeks ago and they have hardly been off my feet since. It’s a pair of slipper-boots in a classic Christmas-jumper knit which she ordered from a newspaper special offer – a pair for her and one extra pair for me. The eagle-eyed of you will know when they arrived from their appearance on my Instagram feed! They are the kind of slippers that have no left or right foot, so I had to keep the tags on for the first week so that I knew which was which. Now that they’ve been worn in a little, it’s really obvious when I put my right foot in the left slipper – because it just feels so wrong. Who knew that feet could create such a knobbly sole that is super-lumpy on the wrong foot, but über-comfortable on the right one? And when I say comfortable, I mean a HUG for my feet, and no exaggeration!

I’ve since become one of those people who take my slippers with me when I go to visit someone at home so that I can change out of my boots into my slippers. I’d watched parents and aunts and uncles do this when they visited each other for years – my parents-in-law still bring a little hessian bag full of slippers when they pop round for a cup of tea – but I never thought that I’d ever be one of those people. How wrong I was! Do you recognise this behaviour in your own family? Maybe yourself? Is it an age thing? I hope that it’s simply because I’m fond of my funky slippers, or because I like having warm feet, or because they make me feel at home even when I’m not, rather than having morphed into my parents… gulp.

Tuesday Shoesday comfortable mens slippers

Hubby has known the joy of slippers for a while now, having picked up a pair of undeniably ‘granddaddy’ loafers from a charity shop during the year. I used to mock him for wearing them around the house, but now that I know the secret world of slipper-love, I feel bad about all the ribbing, and have taken it all back. We are now a two-slipper family and there’s no going back. Remember when I blogged about Chatty Feet on Tuesday Shoesday a couple of weeks ago? Well, those socks look excellent in a pair of slippers – so relaxed – and if hubby and I can bear to take our feet out of our slippers for long enough, our toes can have a happy conversation with each other about now comfortable they are in their foot-duvets before going back to sleep. Oh dear, I feel a nap coming on again…

So come on, is it really just me in love with their slippers or am I actually a late adopter of this footwear? Have you all had snuggly feet for years and I’ve been the only one with chilly toes? Maybe it’s just the time of year and my obsession will drop-off again in the summer? Please let me know that I’m not on my own or simply aging prematurely – there must be someone else out there with slippers on their feet as we speak and if there is, please get in touch!

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  1. I have some big fluffy boot slippers and love them! They’re so nice and warm!

    I also have slipper socks for when it’s too warm for the boots, but i still need that extra comfort.

    Slippers are definitely the way forward! 🙂

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