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Do you have your ideal kitchen? If not and you are planning on renovating it soon, now is the time to start designing the kitchen of your dreams. Even without a dream budget you could still achieve more than you think. What do you want from your kitchen? Are you happy with the one you have at the moment? Seeing as you’re reading this there is a high chance you’re unhappy with it and you want to improve things. The good news is you can do that quite easily if you are planning to make changes in the near future. The best course of action is to rip out your existing kitchen and replace it with your ideal one. However your budget may not allow for that and you may not even live in a property with a big enough kitchen to allow for your dreams to come true anyway.

So let’s look at what you can do. Let’s suppose you have a tight budget – so tight you can’t even consider replacing the units. You can still make changes by hanging new doors, repainting the existing ones or even merely changing the handles or knobs and replacing the worktop. You’d be surprised how small changes can make the world of difference in these situations.

Of course if you do want to make bigger changes you can start from scratch and order a whole new kitchen. You could replace all your existing appliances and get better ones, such as Neff appliances for example. Whatever you choose is bound to make a big difference but make sure the changes are all for the better. This is the perfect time to move things around within reason.

You should bear in mind that the sink will stay in the same place next to the plumbing. It is also wise to keep the hob and oven in the same place, especially if there is a gas pipe involved. This will help prevent unnecessary costs from building up which can lead to big problems in terms of meeting your budget. It is better to keep the necessary things in the same place (unless there is a very good argument for moving them). The main thing to keep in mind is what you really want to achieve with your new kitchen. What frustrates you about the kitchen you have now? Jot down all the things you can think of in this way. You should also think about things you definitely want to have in your new kitchen, such as shelves or more kitchen cupboards on the walls. Whatever it might be you should consider how it will affect your day to day use of the room itself.

The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home and there is definitely a lot of truth in this. It doesn’t matter whether you have state of the art Neff appliances or basic white kitchen units – whatever works for you is ideal for your kitchen. Different people have different desires and as long as your own desires are met, you will enjoy your new design. Just remember that time spent focusing on all the pros and cons of your design now will be well spent in avoiding problems later on.

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