Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside ~ That sinking feeling

Sorry for the awful pun in title but I just couldn’t help myself! Today’s blog post is about finishing off the installation of my new bathroom and specifically tackling the sink. After taking delivery of my new bath and mixer taps I realised that some new sink taps were essential to complete the makeover, so I ordered a matching pair of taps from Bella Bathrooms. DIY fitting new taps to makeover a bathroom sink DIY fitting new taps to makeover a bathroom sink-2

I’d originally thought that the sink and old taps wouldn’t need to be changed and we are still using the same sink in the bathroom (I’ve just given it the clean of it’s life!) but the taps were very old and covered in limescale, and had started to drip. So I decided that a bargain set of new tapsΒ Bella Bathrooms were in order and I roped in my very understanding husband to fit them.

To finish off the room, we also decided to box in the exposed pipework behind the sink with the last of the shuttering wood, which has also provided a little storage shelf either side of the sink. I’m still deciding whether to paint the bath panel, sink panel and/or floor with the same white-wash as the storage cupboard and bath surround – let me know what you think!


I’ll be sharing photos of the finished bath room soon (after I’ve made a decision about painting!) so please check back soon!

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