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It’s been one of those gorgeous spring mornings today; the sun was shining brightly from 7am and there’s was little fresh dew on the grass. It was so lovely and warm this morning that I even popped out for a quick walk before getting started on my work for the day and I feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated thanks to this early-morning stroll. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new Butterfly Twists shoes so that’s what today’s blog post is all about.butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-2 butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-15In terms of footwear, I find Spring a little difficult to manage. My big clumpy mud-proof boots are no longer necessary but it’s definitely not sandal weather yet – chilly blue toes are not a good look on me. Wearing my knee-high boots just looks like I’m trying to keep warm despite the fact that the sun is shining, but my summery shoes look to dressy for daytime wear. Spring weather can be changeable from one hour to the next so the strappy shoes that looked so seasonal when you left the house in bright sunshine can elicit weird glances from strangers when it starts chucking it down with rain. It’s a season full of footwear dilemmas but luckily I think I’ve found the answer. butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-14Spring is definitely the season where cute pumps come into their own and thankfully I’ve just received these gorgeous loafers from Butterfly Twists, which are ideal for this time of year. This type of shoe has enough coverage to ensure you don’t get those weird stares when the weather takes a cooler turn, but has enough bare skin on display to stop you looking like an eskimo in the desert when the sun shines. Pumps and loafers look equally great with jeans and dresses, and are the perfect solution for casual occasions so any that you invest in now will become an essential part of your Spring/Summer wardrobe this year. butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-6 When browsing online for the ideal pair of pumps for Spring, I came across Butterfly Twists, a range of flats that are as comfortable as slippers but as sturdy as shoes. This famous brand has been championed by Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan (to name just a few) as the ultimate combination of designer style and utmost comfort so was excited to give them a try. With a huge selection of styles, fabrics and colours in the Spring/Summer collection I found it really difficult to choose just one pair and even though I plumped for these fun heart-print loafers, I’ve been thinking about the turquoise pointed-toe ‘Reece’ pumps that I didn’t get this time. The ankle strap and metallic toe made these flats look more dressy and would be great for a special occasion, such as a wedding or day at the races, so I’ll probably be back to purchase more Butterfly Twists soon! butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-11 butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-16The loafers that I chose are perfectly comfortable for all day wear, thanks to the genius design of elasticated edges which provide a perfect fit, coupled with a memory foam quilted insole. The slip-resistant soles are supple enough for walking, skipping and jumping and are so light that they feel like slippers. These shoes can even be folded in half and tucked inside themselves to fit into the small drawstring bag that comes with the pumps, so you can take them with you on changeable days and pop them on if the weather warms up. butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-17

They fold so small that they could even fit in a handbag so that you can make a quick change when your heels become too painful after a night on the dance floor – I would have loved to have these to rescue my tired feet back in my student days! I’ll certainly be taking them with me to summer weddings and tea dances this year for the exact same purpose – some things never change, and painfully high-heels are one of them! butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-7butterfly twists summer loafer shoes 2015_-3The loafers that I chose came from a range called ‘Gabriella’ and have been created in a selection of patterns and textures. I couldn’t resist the black and pink heart pattern after seeing it in the Spring/Summer lookbook and I was pleased to discover that the finish is an on-trend pony fabric. After trying out these shoes at home, I’m seriously considering investing in the camouflage pattern too because the loafers are the ideal shape for my feet and are super-comfortable.

What are your favourite shoes for Spring? Do you find it hard to choose the right shoes for the changeable weather? What are you wearing on your feet right now?? Tweet me @Cassiefairy with a pic of your favourite pumps and let me know what you think about Spring footwear by leaving me a comment below.


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