My little vintage caravan – Bargain hunting & a beautiful bouquet

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Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re halfway through the week and hasn’t it been a glorious one? We’ve been enjoying lovely weather here all week and have been able to get out into the garden to spruce up the veggie patch (blog post coming soon, promise!). Whenever the sun is shining, I head out to my little vintage caravan so I think you can probably guess where I’ve been working from this week. And of course, I always get distracted by all the fun things I can do in my caravan, so I’ve been snapping some photos rather than slaving over my laptop and wanted to share these with you today.roses bouquet of flowers vintage caravan_At the weekend I received a beautiful bouquet of roses from iFlorist. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened up the delivery box and such a huge bunch of gorgeous blooms emerged. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many roses in one bunch before!

I love flowers and I consider it the ultimate luxury to have a beautiful bouquet on your mantelpiece or sideboard so I was delighted to receive this delivery from Whenever I have such a beautiful bunch like this, I always say to myself that I will buy myself flowers every week, but I rarely ever get round to keeping this promise.

My beautiful Rose Garden bouquet

Even so, when I do receive a bouquet, I really enjoy the process of arranging the blooms in a vase; carefully trimming the stems so that they absorb water more easily, snipping off lower-leaves to keep the water fresh and adding flower feed to the vase. I check on my bouquet every day and take away any crispy leaves or wilting petals to ensure that the display last as long as possible. I think it’s the process of looking after the flowers that is so relaxing, as well as the soft scents filling a room.

I decided that the best place for my ‘Rose Garden” bouquet was in the caravan so that I could enjoy them while I worked. Of course, the beautiful display distracted me from my emails and I got snap-happy with the camera instead, trying out a few different settings as I photographed the pretty petals. roses bouquet of flowers and vintage caravan_-10 roses bouquet of flowers and vintage caravan_-2 roses bouquet of flowers and vintage caravan_-4I also wanted to show you my new ‘love’ cushion that I picked up from the car boot sale. It still had its tags on (originally from Tesco) and I loved the pretty floral fabrics that spelled out my favourite word, so I couldn’t resist it. I snapped it up for £1 and now it’s adding comfort to my caravan benches whilst looking very pretty indeed. I may not buy a lot of goodies for my caravan (due to the limited space!) but when I do find a gem like this, it’s hard to walk away from such a bargain and I’m really glad that I bought this cosy addition.roses bouquet of flowers and vintage caravan_-13 roses bouquet of flowers and vintage caravan_-15At the end of my working day, I decided that keeping the flowers in the caravan may be unwise, as the heat and sunlight was already causing them to burst open and I wanted the display to last as long as possible. So I brought the bunch indoors and sat them in a shady spot on the sideboard to prolong their life.

As the roses have blossomed and opened up even more, I decided that the vase was looking a little crowded and I was able to divide this massive bouquet into two. Now I have a large roses in my bedroom too and they are still filling up the vases with their blousey heads as we speak. I’m really impressed with this bouquet from iFlorist and I would definitely be happy to buy these for a friend in the future, knowing that they would get a lot of life out of them.

Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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  1. Haha same here Sarah, it has to be really nice weather to get me out to a car boot sale in the morning!

  2. Thank you Laura, it’s still looking great this week too 🙂 I definitely need to buy more flowers like you, it’s a good habit to have! X

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