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We all love the chance to get together with our friends, even though it can be difficult when we all lead busy lives to find a window to have a night with the girls. I had a fantastic night in with my pals last weekend and we chuckled our way through a few cheeky games while snacking on tasty nibbles. Afterwards we all wondered why we don’t do this more often and although it might not be possible to get together regularly, it’s always worth the effort of finding a date that suits so that you and your closest friends can have some quality time together.cassiefairy ideas for a girls night in pampering games reading book clubSometimes, it’s not just the time that makes it hard to find the opportunities for a girls’ night. It’s also the expense of a night out that can be off-putting. So what about a girls’ night in? There is far less stress as there’s no need to get to a venue, or spend time and effort getting dressed up for a night out. It can be as cheap as chips. All you need for a night in with the girls is to decide whose turn it is to be the hostess and for everyone else to turn up. Here are just a few ideas of what to do on a girls’ night in.cassiefairy ideas for a girls night in pampering games reading book club-3

DIY book club

You may have considered joining a book club in the past, but never got around to it. Instead, why not set up an informal book club with your friends, where you all agree to read the same book and discuss in a couple of months’ time? Or, you could each bring a favourite read that you’d like to recommend to others and do an exchange. Some books are so great and the story stays with you. Who better to share those kind of books with than your closest friends? Especially over a glass of wine!cassiefairy ideas for a girls night in pampering games reading book club

Dust off the board games and have some fun!

Games Night

How long is it since you played any of those board games stacked up in the cupboard? A night with a game like Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary can be great fun, especially if you’ve got some nice wine to go with it. If you’re short of board games, you can always play online – we had great fun playing with a charades app recently! One of the easiest games around is bingo and now that there are so many bingo sites such as bgo, Tidy Bingo and Bravo Bingo, there’s no need to go out to a bingo hall. Check out the games schedule at and you’ll see that there is always a game about to start so you and your mates can play it anytime. You just need everyone to bring a tablet or phone with them, so that you can all login to the same games and play together.cassiefairy ideas for a girls night in pampering games reading book club-2

Pamper Night

If playing games isn’t your thing, then maybe you should think about a hair, make-up and nails night – just as you might have done in your teens. Everyone can bring a product, such as nail polishbody oil or face masks and take it in turns to do each other’s manicures and facials. It’s also possible to book a mobile beautician to come over for the night and it is always a cheaper option to book home treatments in a group rather than individually. You can all have a chance to catch up on gossip while you wait to have your legs waxed!

Of course, these are just some suggestions, but there are plenty of other ways you can have an entertaining (and cheap) night in with friends. Why not get the ball rolling with one of these ideas and then see what other ideas your friends can come up with for future girls’ nights? Let me know how you get on and leave me your girls night suggestions in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Love to play those games! Lately I’m learning my oldest daughter to play Boggle. Event it is one of my favourite games! Keep going what you’re doing. I like your posts.
    Best wishes,

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