Guest post: 10 Party Accessories Every Bride-to-Be Needs for a Special Hen Night

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Great Britain spends several billion pounds on hen parties every year, and while the bulk of that money is spent on travel and accommodation (a four-day weekend in Marbella doesn’t come cheap!), there’s also a huge market for hen party accessories.

Now, if you’re planning a hen party, you’ll already be well aware of how many different accessories there are to choose from. L-plates, veils, drinking straws, whistles, shot glasses, boppers, devil horns, sparkly pink cowboy hats…all of these things (and many others) have been dubbed ‘hen party essentials’ by various people who claim to know what they’re talking about, but frankly, we doubt that any bride has ever had all of those items at her bachelorette party. If hens really did buy each and every one of these so-called ‘essentials’, none of them would have any money left for flights, hotels, drinks, and all the other costs associated with an awesome hen do.

So, before we go any further, allow us to make one thing clear: the only true ‘hen party essentials’ are the people with whom you want to spend your last night as an unmarried woman. Everything else is optional!

That being said, there are a few hen party accessories that are worth grabbing before the big night arrives. Here, then, are 10 hen party accessories that – while not essential – will probably help to make your hen night that little bit more special:

1. Games! Whatever activities you have planned for your (or your friend’s) hen party, it’s always good to leave time for a few hen party games – they make great icebreakers, and while a lot of them revolve around embarrassing dares and forfeits, there are also plenty that don’t.

2. Tiaras! The bride-to-be ought to have something that marks her out as the woman of the hour, and a nice, sparkly tiara is as good a way as any to do so. She’ll feel like a princess, too, which is exactly how she should feel on her hen night.

3. Hen party bag fillers! Remember when you were a child, and you’d get a party bag every time you went to a friend’s birthday? Well, handing those bags out to your hens – having first filled each one with sweets and treats, of course – is sure to make the whole experience a little more magical for everyone.hen party accessories tiaras party bags

Image: HenStuff Blog

4. Sashes! Whether you buy ‘em pre-made or customise your own, hen party sashes are a great way to a) make yourselves stand out from the crowd, and b) ensure that you’ll be able to spot and recognise your friends from a distance if you get separated from the group at any point. 

5. Confetti! Decorate the table, decorate the floor, throw it over the bride when she arrives…confetti is the accessory of a thousand uses!hen party accessories sash decorations

6. Sweets! Small, inexpensive sweets like Love Hearts and Parma Violets are ideal for filling the aforementioned party bags, but they’re also handy for keeping your own sweet tooth satisfied while you dance the night away.

7. Personalised T-shirts! Designing custom hen party T-shirts for everyone is another good means of keeping the group together, and those personalised tops will make fabulous souvenirs for everyone to take home and maybe use as pyjama tops for years afterwards.

8. Handcuffs! One for the slightly more risqué bride-to-be, this. Handcuffs have plenty of different uses if you’re imaginative enough – just be sure that nobody gets hurt or upset!

9. Tissues! You never know when they might come in handy. 

10. Warning tape! The tenth and final item on our list isn’t so much for your enjoyment as for everyone else’s – it only seems courteous to warn passers-by of the chaos that’s unfolding on the other side of this bright yellow warning tape.

This blog post was written by the team at, visit us today and get the hen party supplies you’ve dreamed of for the perfect celebration.

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  1. Well done! This post covers essential accessories that every bride must take care of while going for a hens night. Your suggestions are appreciated.

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