Dream a little dream – A new bedroom colour scheme

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I’ve been thinking about decorating my bedroom. Ever since the ‘spring clean’ of 2015 I realised that the paintwork on the walls is not in the best condition and although the room looks nice overall, it definitely needs freshening up. It would be simple enough to buy some magnolia paint and give it the once over but I figured that all the effort of decorating should at least yield an interesting result! So I’ve decided to switch up the colours and redecorate – so now comes the hard part; choosing the colour.natural textures and colours in this bedroom makeover-5You may remember that I used pages of books and sheet music to create a feature wall in my bedroom a couple of years ago. I still love the effect and everyone who sees the wall is impressed by the result. Given that this project didn’t really cost me anything (I think the wallpaper paste was £1.70) and was simple enough that even I could do it single-handed, I was really chuffed with the wall at the time and I’d like to keep it as it is. However, my ideas for a change of colour might clash with the feature wall so I want to be completely sure before I start painting.interior design - choosing paint for bedroom decorating-2I’ve picked out a couple of colours from the Homebase Home of Colour range – this is China Blue and Duck Egg. I was hoping for a darker finish on the walls but without making the room oppressively dark, so I plumped for these mid-shades. In hindsight, I think I could have been braver with my choices and chosen a deeper shade but you can never be sure until you get the colours on the wall, can you? I also didn’t want something too dark that would end up ruining the effect of the feature wall behind the headboard, and I thought that a subtle green or blue would be ideal.

I tested out the two paints in a couple of different places on the bedroom walls to see what it would look like in the shade as well as on the walls that are well-lit by the natural light from the window. From this test I think that my favourite is the deeper colour of the china blue, although I’ll need to check with my husband before I get started (plus, he’ll need to agree with me because he’s the one who’ll be painting the top of the wall!).

Of course, I don’t make any interior design decisions without consulting Pinterest for inspiration first so I’ve been searching for rooms with dark wood furniture (like mine) and a combination of the colours I’ve chosen. I particularly like the denim effect of the blue paint shades but I also like the bright freshness of duck-egg.

I have also recently ordered some new bedding in a grey shade and until this arrives I can’t be sure that all the colour tones will work well together so I may have to wait for the bedding delivery before making the final decision. Which do you think will be best with my book wall? Please let me know by tweeting me @Cassiefairy or leave me a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Dream a little dream – A new bedroom colour scheme

  1. Hi Lizelle, yes I’m pretty sure it will be the China blue, it looked really good in the darker evening light too! 😀

  2. love the wall with book sheets I hope you picked the china blue it would set off the feature wall nicely 🙂

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