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Over the years, I have seen many beautiful loft rooms, but mostly in older houses. In the majority of modern homes, the loft space is only used for storage and as somewhere for the water tank. However, I am delighted to say that is now changing. In many parts of the world house prices are on the rise, which means that it now makes financial sense for people to convert their lofts into living space rather than move home. It is now cheaper for people to convert their loft space than it is to move to a bigger house, which means that a lot more of the lofts in modern homes are being converted.

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Loft rooms are marvellous. I love them. Yes, the space is an odd shape and a bit quirky, but they are interesting rooms, which offer all kinds of options and opportunities. These rooms get me thinking outside the box and I find them inspiring, but some people find them challenging and struggle to know what to do with the space. For me they are heaven, here are a few ideas to help you to make the best of the space.

Use the nooks and crannies The first thing to say about loft rooms is that you have far more space than you realise. Just because the ceiling is low does not mean that you cannot use the whole floor space. The trick with loft rooms is to use the edges for storage or for furniture. In other words, fill all of the nooks and crannies. Fronting small spaces with doors can turn many of the small narrow spaces you have into useful cupboard and storage spaces. You will be surprised at how usable these spaces are.

Take advantage of the natural light

Loft rooms benefit greatly from the fact that they are full of natural light. You really should take advantage of this beautiful light and do everything you can to emphasis it. For the most part decorating a loft space in a light pallet is the best approach.

Good blinds are essential That said at certain times of the day natural light can be too bright. If you are using the space as a bedroom, you will be woken very early by the light streaming in. Good blinds are essential for keeping the light at bay when you want to sleep, watch TV or keep the space cool enough to workout in. Privacy can also be an issue in loft spaces. In the past that was rarely an issue because nobody could really look in. Loft rooms were rarely overlooked, but as more and more people convert their loft space this is no longer the case, which is another reason you need to install good quality blinds.

A nice thick floor covering Noise can be an issue when you have your loft converted. It travels through the floor easily. Given the fact that most lofts are located over bedrooms can be a big issue, especially at night. If you are planning to have a loft conversion done, bear this in mind and make sure that you have good sound insulation built in. Should you have already converted your loft and are finding noise an issue try changing the floor covering. Installing a thick carpet and adding rugs on top can make all of the difference.

Whether it is loft conversions in Essex or New York these design and decorating tips will help you to get the most out of the space in your roof. Converting a loft is an exciting project and if you follow this guide, you will be delighted with the results.

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  1. Lovely rooms! They’re all great examples of using a somewhat difficult space to their advantage.

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