5 style taboos your man should ignore

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One of the constant things about fashion is that it changes all the time. One season we hate baggy jeans and the next season slouchy ‘boyfriend’ jeans are a must-have item. Naturally, men fashion changes as well and over the years we’ve witnessed many men’s style taboos being broken by designers who don’t care about outdated ‘rules’. Here are the top five fashion ‘sins’ that men no longer have to avoid and, in fact, should be actively encouraged to wear to help them look gorgeous this autumn/winter.menswear mens fashion styling a tweed jacket layered warm outdoor forest autumn winter-61. Double denim
Remember the days when denim-on-denim was considered a sin? Well, times have changed and now those that can pull denim-on-denim off are considered the bravest fashionistas out there. The trick is usually to mix different shades and colours in order to get the best effect. For example, get your man black denim jeans and combine them with a grey denim jacket or blue denim shirt. The result is usually amazing and you won’t be able to take your eyes off your fashionable fella.2. Blue and green should never be seen
Oh come on, this is such an outdated taboo, that it shouldn’t even exist anymore. In any case, many designers have included navy blue and green combinations in their latest collections, so this is the right time to see how these two colours suit your other half. If you don’t want to push it too far, you can simply motivate him to put on blue trousers in combination with a green sweater or jacket. The bravest can try adding shirt in a different shade of green or even mix another colour in the combination such as brown or grey.fashion for men - blue and green3. Forget florals
There were times when pants weren’t considered feminine and that didn’t stop us from wearing them. So it’s time to be fair to your guy and let him enjoy some florals. These are extremely popular and plus they really suit guys when worn with a smart jacket or cool jeans. If you want your man to have his own unique style, which would make him stand out from the mass of men in white or black shirts, then you should make him buy something with floral design. I am a bigger fan of floral shirts than floral trousers and jackets; nevertheless, you can see what suits your partner the best and go for it. Believe me, you won’t regret it and he’ll love it.fashion for men - floral patterns
  4. White is forbidden in winter
I’m not even sure how this taboo was born and why. If your man is suspicious, just show him the latest autumn and winter collections that feature white sweaters, white jackets and white trousers. Those pieces wouldn’t even exist if white in winter wasn’t a thing, right? White clothes can be combined with almost everything; they go perfectly with brown shades as well as grey and navy blue. Whether he’s heading to work, reading reviews mentioned on BonusWire.com or having his morning coffee, you’ll most certainly enjoy looking at him in his comfy white sweater or elegant white jacket.fashion for men - tweed5. Tweed is not a city look
Honestly, I love men that know how to combine quality tweed clothes with other urban clothes and get a real city look. In fact, I wrote a blog post earlier this month on styling a tweed jacket three ways – that’s how much I love it! The truth is, I’m not the only one and the taboo that tweed is reserved for country look is definitely something that has to be forgotten. No matter if your man likes tweed jackets, trousers or suits; he can look incredibly hot if he combines it well with basic essentials like denim shirts, slim jeans or a leather jacket. Spice it up with classic leather shoes and belt and you’ll be proud of the way your fella looks.

menswear mens fashion styling a tweed jacket layered warm outdoor forest autumn winter-11Well ladies, those are the top five traditional fashion taboos your man must ignore if he wants to build a recognisable style this autumn/winter. Is there any taboo you would like to add to this list? Do you agree with the list at all or you would prefer your guy to stay away from florals, tweed or white jumpers? Please leave your comments below!

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