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I love winter weddings. The festive atmosphere puts everyone in a party mood and the cold weather can sometimes even deliver snow – how amazing would that be on your wedding day?! Had I not held my wedding in august, my second choice would have been December, as it’s my favourite month. The only problem with winter weddings is that the wedding industry kind of has a ‘season’, so it’s more difficult to find pretty formal outfits in the shops at this time of year. There’s less choice, and the things that are available tend to be more expensive.

Are you planning on attending a wedding with your family, but are on a shoestring budget that’s causing you concern, especially when it comes to being able to dress your child for your big event? First off, rest assured that there are ways around the seasonal nature of wedding shopping in winter, and you can work with your budget in order to make everyone in your family look fabulous for the big day. Continue reading to learn more!

Visit charity shops There are plenty of great reasons to visit charity shops. In addition to staying within your budget, you can find a variety of styles, especially when it comes to formal attire. Therefore, there’s no reason to be ashamed of shopping at a thrift store, especially if you like to style your kids a little bit outside the box and maybe even go for a bit of a vintage vibe.

Borrow an outfit In addition to second-hand shops, you can also stick to your budget by borrowing a children’s outfit from friends or other family members. You may even be able to find something that will not only fit your child but will also match the colour scheme of the wedding that you’ll be attending.

Use hand-me-downs Hand-me-downs from older siblings or cousins are yet another great way to dress up your child for any formal event, including a wedding. If you have more than one child, you may already have a great dress or suit ready for your youngest at the back of the wardrobe, provided that you didn’t get rid of any clothes along the way as your older child outgrew them!

Shop early in the sales If you received the wedding invitation far enough in advance, it is never too early to start shopping for deals on formal children’s wear. Once you find the best suit or dress within your budget, you can simply let it sit in your wardrobe until the big day, without having to worry about it along the way. And with so many department stores and independent shops to browse in the summer, as well as online stores at this time of year, you will definitely find what you’re looking for at the right price if you just give yourself enough time to do so.

Sew something yourself Even if you can’t figure out how to create an entire outfit on your own, if you can sew you can put your skills to work for you. You could even find an existing outfit in your child’s wardrobe that you can easily and affordably alter so that it will be perfect for the upcoming special event that you’ll all attend. Plus, sewing could be a great way to relax, as well as stretch your creative muscles, so it’s no wonder so many people love it.

Hopefully this will have given you plenty of ideas to ensure your child will be dressed beautifully for any special occasion this winter. Just as there are plenty of budget-friendly resources for brides, such as UK Wedding Savings there are many ways that guests too can stay within their own budgets, so browse online and shop second-hand to get the best deals. Do you have any thrifty ideas to share? If so, please leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

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