4 quick makeover tips to spruce up your home before Christmas

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Redecorating your home may mean a lot of effort, time, and money spent, but I’ve found that it is still absolutely worth it! Once it’s finished (like my home almost is!) the result is so satisfying and you can create a beautiful interior space for you and your family to enjoy. I always look around for little projects to do at this time of year, to make the house look extra-pretty for guests that visit over Christmas but I think I’ve actually done everything I can!

I’m kind of disappointed that my house is ‘finished’ because I really do enjoy giving rooms a makeover. It’s amazing what a huge difference just a lick of paint can make to a space. Just make sure you research the things you will need to do before you get started; I’ve often needed to nip out to the DIY store for extra bits ‘n’ pieces half way through a job! I find that this slows me down and puts me off my stride so I tend to look for a lot of design inspiration online before I get started.

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But you don’t need to go all-out with a huge redecoration project, especially if you’re feeling particularly busy and rushed with the upcoming festive season. There are lots of ways to revamp your home by incorporate just a few things to beautify your space, and here are just few ideas:

1. Going green Simply adding some plants to your interiors, will give you a feeling of relaxation. As everyone knows, plants provide endless benefits to humans. They are not just great for accessorising a space, they also to balance humidity, clear the air, and reduce actually stress. Adding plants such as miniature Christmas trees and poinsettia at this time of year can actually form part of your festive décor, or chose something that you’d be happy to live with all year round.

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2. Mixing it up These days, mixing and matching your home furnishings is becoming a trend. You can mix up textures, colours, patterns or even go as far as mixing pricey antiques with low-cost furniture to make it more personalized. One of the greatest things that make your home unique is because it reflects who you are. Your own style and personality can come across in the way that you decorate your space so start combining your favourite things today! Add a couple of festive cushions or snuggly throws to a room to give it a cosy Christmassy feeling at this time of year.

3. Adding decorative mirrors In order to instantly add more light in your home, you could use decorative mirrors to bounce the light around. Mirrors which are hung across the room from the window helps make the room look brighter and feel more spacious.  Additionally, mirrors will reflect the fairy lights on your Christmas tree and look great with a string of twinkling lights around the mirror frame itself.

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4. Painting in neutral tones The colours of your walls are essential to the look of your interiors and can significantly alter the feeling of a room. Choose light and neutral colours, such as grey or beige, will give your rooms a more spacious feeling. Also, by painting your walls with light colours, you can be more flexible with the other features you include, such as soft furnishing colours – and Christmas decorations!

Overall, renovating your home is not an easy task but adding a few of the ideas above would make a big difference without too much cost or effort. All you need is patience and creativity to achieve a home design you will definitely love. For more great design inspiration like this have a look at display homes – it’s a great starting point for any project! Let me know what you think of these ideas and share your own in the comments section below.

Image from Design Sixty Nine

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