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I love dogs. Even though I’m currently a cat-mummy and have filled my Instagram feed with photos of my furr-babies, I’m also a big fan of dogs. I think people usually describe themselves as being a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person’ but I am most definitely both. I can’t walk past a doggy in the park without going in for a stroke, and even driving past one elicits lots of ‘ooh aren’t you fluffy!’ coos from me! Even though my lifestyle doesn’t support dog ownership at the moment, it doesn’t  stop me thinking (and doing some important research!) about what breed of dog that I will adopt in the future, hence today’s blog post. It’s important to have a pet that can fit in with your lifestyle so if you are someone that enjoys being outdoors and taking part in activities you need a dog that can keep up with you! Here are some great breeds for you to consider…

Dogs for runners

Dogs love to run. It’s exciting and fun, and something they are rarely allowed to do in the confines of the home. However, if you plan to take your dog on your daily runs, you need to train them if you plan to run long distances with them. Just like humans training for a marathon, your pets need to gradually work up to your level and distance of running. If you are a serious runner, you need to choose a breed that is up to the task. Here are a couple of good options:

  1. American Staffordshire terrier. This stocky looking dog does not look like a natural runner, but it is actually perfect. It is a powerful animal, with lots of energy and relatively long legs. They can easily keep up with you, and will happily run for hours.
  2. Australian Cattle dogs. Most herding dogs make fantastic running companions. A great example is the Australian Cattle dog. It can run long distances even in harsh environments.

Dogs for hikers

All dogs love going for a walk, but some breeds have limited capacity for walking. Many short nosed breeds struggle to walk long distances and maintain a fast pace. They love a walk round the park or to the shops, but taking them for a long hike on a warm day would not be good for them. Here are a few dogs that will cope well with walking longer distances.

  1. Corgis. Despite their short legs, Corgis can walk a long way and they are far faster than you think. Plus, legend has it that Corgi’s were once ridden by fairies (hence the markings on their back) so that makes them my ideal companion!
  2. Tibetan terriers. If you like to hike uphill a Tibetan terrier is a fantastic option. They love to climb and are quite happy in cold conditions, including snow.

Dogs for people who love fishing

If you spend a lot of time fishing, taking a doggy companion with you is a great idea. They make good company and can alert you when there are people around at night.

  1. Yorkshire terriers. Yorkshire terriers are fantastic company. They like to be outdoors, although they may need a coat when it is cold and somewhere warm to curl up. Yorkies are a bit wilful when they are young, but are easily trained and will obediently sit next to you for hours if you need them to once they reach adulthood.
  2. Jack Russells. Jack Russell terriers are agile, great fun and easy to train. Again, you will have to wait until they are fully grown before you can rely on them to sit next to you for a couple of hours on a riverbank.

I love cross-breeds

Crossbred dogs are potentially great pets for active people. Typically, they have less health problems than many purebred animals do, but have the necessary physical qualities needed to join you in your outdoor pursuits. I plan to adopt a cross-breed, preferably a Collie crossed with a Spaniel or Labrador (just like my first pet dog as a child!) to get the best of both breeds, while minimising the health problems associated with a single breed. Next time you see a cross breed puppies for sale sign, take a look. Usually, these pups are far cheaper to buy than pedigree animals and you may not need to travel far to find the ideal pet for you. Just look for one whose parentage includes a breed that can easily cope with the activities that you enjoy to make sure that they can cope and keep up with you, and that you can keep up with them!

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