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Having just returned from my bestie’s hen party, my thoughts have turned to weddings, rings and the big day itself. While, as a bridesmaid, I’ve been privy to a little information about the big day, there are still a lot of exciting things that the bride and groom are planning that I have no clue about. It’s going to be fun finding out what surprises they have in store for us on the wedding day and I’m eager to see how they’ve personalised their big day.

One of the things I’m most excited about is seeing my best friend’s wedding ring. My own wedding ring is one of my most cherished possessions, and it hasn’t been taken off since the day my husband put it there, nearly 13 years ago. So I know how special this one piece of jewellery is and how important it is to get the wedding ring right. After thinking about this for a couple of days – all the while begging my friend to give me a sneaky peek of her choice! – I’ve come up with some tips for brides who are about to choose their wedding ring, to help you pick a style that suits your lifestyle now and in the future.

1. Make it future-proof

A style of ring that you absolutely LOVE now, might not be the right design for you in the future. Trends come and go, colour inspirations vary from year to year, and fashions change with the seasons. Whereas you’re going to be wearing your wedding ring for decades to come! So it makes sense to go for something classic and not be swayed by “this-years-must-have” design. I’d recommend simplicity over extravagance, and would pick traditional gold or platinum over a rose gold band or coloured jewels.

2. Design it yourself

To make absolutely certain that you’re going to love your ring for years to come, why not design it yourself? You could get your dream ring – the one that you’ve had in your mind since you were a little girl – made especially for you. Or you could even let your husband-to-be design the ring for you, knowing that all the effort he puts into designing it makes it even more special. Likewise, you can create something special for him too, and you’ll both be wearing a unique wedding ring designed by Vashi that no one else in the world has.

3. Personalise it

If the thought of getting out your pencil and designing a ring is too much to bear, why not personalise the ring you choose? You can have the date of the wedding engraved into the ring, or a special quote or message of love etched into the underside so that only you two know it’s there. This is a great way to make your ring feel really special without spending a fortune.

4. A ring for life

One final thing to think about when choosing a wedding ring is that it needs to fit in with your life. If you already wear an engagement ring, you’ll have to think about how the wedding ring will look beside it. And did you know that the band of the wedding ring will need to be made from the same metal as the engagement ring? If it isn’t the same metal or carats, over the years one ring will wear away the metal on the other! Also, you need to think about how often you’ll be wearing it and if you plan to keep it on while exercising, working and cleaning.

If you’re not planning to take it off, it may be sensible to choose a flat band (with or without set-in stones) rather than a large solitaire, which may get caught regularly or even scratch your plates, glassware or tech equipment! And if you never want to remove the ring (like my husband and I) it’s best to choose a classic gold ring or platinum ring and not a rhodium-plated white gold ring. Why? Because rhodium plating wears off and needs to be replated over the years to maintain the bright white gold sparkle, and you’ll have to take off the ring to get it replated! I know, because the setting around my engagement ring was rhodium plated and it’s now almost completely gold!

I hope that these tips will helped you if you’re planning to go shopping for a wedding ring any time soon. And please do get in touch to let me know if you’re getting married this summer and what type of ring you decided to go for. Leave me a comment below or tweet me @Cassiefairy with a swoon-worthy photo of your ring!

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