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Ever since I first wrote about my ‘lucky find’ of a Picquot Ware tea set last year I’ve been inundated with comments, emails and information about the brand. It’s been amazing to learn more about this British company and to read everyone’s stories about their own Picquot Ware collections. Who knew that so many people were fans? The comments section on the original post is packed full of information from knowledgeable readers and I’ve since posted a second article about the Picquot Ware guarantee and instructions, after Lesley kindly emailed me a copy of the original documents. Be sure to check that out as it shows the complete collection of Picquot Ware designs available.Picquot ware coffee pot percolator magnalium-2After publishing this second article, another Picquot Ware collector got in touch with me to share photos of their rare find – a coffee percolator. In the original tea set there is a tall pot that many people mistake for a coffee pot. This pot was more likely to be used for extra hot water to add to the teapot – it is a tea set after all! But on this occasion the pot in question actually IS a coffee pot, and is a particularly rare example. Robyn kindly sent over some snaps of the coffee percolator and told me the story behind it:Picquot ware coffee pot percolator magnalium-5“I bought it as a set about four years ago, on the Gold Coast in Australia. I thought it was from the 70s because of the coffee percolator so I did some research and realized the coffee pot was quite rare. I have not been able to find a picture of another one so thought it would be nice to share these photos. Picquot Ware is still quite affordable and available here in New Zealand so I’ve since bought another set, which I use regularly at our holiday house, and a few of my friends have also bought sets too.” Picquot ware coffee pot percolator magnalium-6Sounds like I need to go on a Picquot Ware hunting trip to New Zealand then, eh?! It’s so kind of Robyn to email these photos of the percolator so that we can all see it and admire the design. A regular contributor to the original blog post, Peter, tells us that only 300 percolators were made before production was discontinued. Picquot Ware discovered that manufacturing them was a “production nightmare” and put a stop to this design. So if you find one, hang on to it!Picquot ware coffee pot percolator magnalium-3 Picquot ware coffee pot percolator magnaliumIf anyone else has further information on Picquot Ware or would like to send in photos of their collection please do email me or leave a comment below. Thanks!

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  1. Just like to share my story about finding the coffee percolator about 15 years ago at Brackley antiques centre just sitting there on a shelf with a price tag of £65 which I thought was quite expensive, we already had the tea set and tray and decided to get the percolator to complete the set, I’d never seen one before but had no idea of its rarity, on reflection we decided to put it on ebay and was astonished to see a battle between two bidders who fought all week till eventually it sold for an amazing £950!! The buyers came round to collect it and told me all about the history and their excitement that their life long dream to find one was finally over, it was a happy outcome for us all. I’ve been looking for another one ever since! Neal Taylor

  2. you will find them all on e bay bar rare ones ive a set and ive got the sparkling now…….tray my next buy but they are rare also , though not as rare as the perculator.

  3. Hi Christine, Wow I bet your tea kettle is in great condition then! I’m not sure about the value – maybe a search on auction websites might shed some light on this? 🙂

  4. I have just found a tea kettle I got when I got married in 1980
    I never used it. Any idea what its worth?

  5. I have a long time interest in Picquot ware, though no connection with the factory or business.
    There are many useful suggestions about refurbishment, some better than others.
    All I can say is NEVER EVER, EVER put anything Picquot in the dishwasher !
    If I can assist with either details of particular pieces (I have many) or how to refurbish, do let me know.
    Best regards,
    Anthony M.

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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