Guest post: How to put your best face forward even when you’re short on time

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With us women being busier than ever as professionals, mothers, wives, friends, supporters, CEOs – and just plain amazing human beings – it can be tough to make time for ourselves. However, we can all agree that when we look our best, we feel our best. That said, I’ve gathered some expert tips together for today’s blog post on how you can look and feel your best even if you’re short on time.


Whether you dabble in makeup here and there or wear it faithfully every day, when it’s time to put your best face forward there are some tried and tested tips you can fall back to get a great look every time – even when you’ve got NO time to spare! Professional makeup artist Gucci Westman says exfoliation is key to a luminous face, so add a deep cleansing scrub to your skincare routine. Then start your makeup routine with a primer to give your makeup staying power and to minimize imperfections like fine lines and large pores. Use foundation only where you need it, curl your lashes and add mascara. Put some colour on your cheeks and swipe brown eyeliner along your bottom lashline. Finally, add a lip colour of your choice. If you’re heading somewhere after work, add a red lip to quickly add some evening glamour to your look.

Makeup experts also agree that nicely groomed eyebrows are key to a put-together look. Tweezing (without over-tweezing!) and using an eyebrow gel keeps your brows in place all day. Adding a bit of brow powder, filling in just where you need it, makes your eyes stand out even more. If you don’t know much about applying makeup, steer clear of dark, smoky eye shadows. Light shades of nude, taupe and champagne work on every eye colour and skin tone. Aim to keep your makeup routine to 10 to 15 minutes because who has time for anything more?

Hair care

Sometimes the perfect hairdo just takes using the right products. When it comes to your hairstyle, the key is to embrace what you have instead of fighting it. In other words, if you are blessed with curly hair, use products that cater to those awesome ringlets and keep you frizz-free. If you have straight strands, opt for products that keep your hair looking sleek and shiny, such as smoothing shampoos and serums. Give fine hair some va-va-voom with volumizing mousse while you’re drying it.

If you’re in a pinch for time (hey, we’ve all slept through an alarm before), a smooth, low bun is easy and elegant for long or medium-length hair. Hair stylish Luke Hersheson shows us how to achieve the look above. An off-the-face, brushed-back style for short hair also looks simple and professional and takes minimal time to pull off.

At the end of the day…

Even though every woman would love to feel 100 percent all day, every day, sometimes you just don’t. So, when all else fails, a little pampering goes a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of a warm bath, a good book or a relaxing yoga session at the end of the day. To be at your best, you must nurture yourself and having a chilled-out evening will let you drift off into a relaxing sleep and awake feeling refreshed and better than ever the following day.

How do you look your best when you’re short on time? What tips do you have for applying make up quickly? And how do you style your hair in a hurry? Leave me a comment below and let me know 🙂


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