3 cheap party ideas (for this bank holiday & beyond!)

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If you love entertaining and organising parties, but haven’t currently got the budget to spend on a fancy dinner party or big blow out with drinks, decorations and entertainment, then that’s no reason to put your hosting skills on ice. Bank holiday weekends tend to have a party atmosphere (woo an extra night out!) and bring out a fun, cheeky side in everyone so it’s a great time to get your pals together for an impromptu party. There are lots of ways you can put together a fun gathering for your friends without spending much at all, and can be just as much fun as elaborate parties if you have some lively guests and keep everybody mingling. Here are three thrifty ideas for parties you could hold this bank weekend and beyond…

‘Pot Luck’ BBQ

Summer is coming, and this can only mean barbecues. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a bank holiday without someone dragging a BBQ out of the shed and getting all smoky with the sausages. Of course, buying all the food and other provisions for a good barbecue can quickly become expensive, so why not take the American concept of a ‘pot luck’ party? This is where everyone invited has to prepare and bring along a dish, and as it is a barbecue you can also give them the option to simply bring along some meat to cook. This can be a really nice idea if you have some friends who love to show off their cooking skills as they’ll bring something really delicious, but those who are less interested in the kitchen can just turn up with a pack of burgers or chicken for everyone to enjoy.pieday friday bbq flavoured olive burgers recipe

Check out my homemade BBQ burger recipe

Viewing Parties

Whether it is a sporting event, a reality show finale (think Britain’s Got Talent this weekend!) or the latest instalment of the TV show you and your friends are all hooked on, having a party centred around your television can be a really good laugh, and very inexpensive. With Euro 2016 coming up along with the Olympics (my favourite!), a sports viewing party could be a great one to do, or you could even just invite everybody over for the next episode of Game of Thrones. I enjoyed a BAFTA viewing party earlier this month – check out my photos and party ideas here. Aside from of course a TV package that includes the event you want to watch (click here for contact info for Sky if you need to arrange this) and a TV, you’ll just need comfortable seating for everyone, and some provisions for drinks and snacks, though for this kind of casual party it is completely fine to ask everyone to chip in to order pizza and bring their own drinks.

I shared some New York-themed movie night ideas on my blog earlier this year


If you fancy a lively night, but don’t really have the resources to hold a late night crazy house party, why not organise a pre-party at home before a night out on the town with your friends? You can have fun getting ready together like teenagers, line your stomachs with some snacks, and enjoy a relaxing glass of wine to get you in the mood. Then head out for a night on the town together (sharing the taxi fare, of course) and let the bars and clubs bear the brunt of the rest of the night instead of your home and drinks cabinet!how to make a southern comfort cocktail recipe - the sharlett o hara-1

Summer cocktail recipe for the Scarlett O’Hara drink on my blog

Being the host of a party can be really fun and your friends will love you for organising something fun for them all to do. It’s rare that we all get time to spend an evening together so don’t let money hold you back! Hopefully these suggestions will have given you some ideas for ways to spend some fun time together without spending a lot on entertaining. And if you have any other ideas for a cheap night out (or in!) please me a comment below and share your tips!

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