Glamping inspiration – My dream bell tent

If you have to go camping, it might as well be in one of these. I hereby admit that I am a bell tent fan. I feel like I’ve been spotting them everywhere I go and it’s only making me covet them more and more. Yes, glamping is certainly a holiday I can get on-board with, if it’s in one of these canvas beauties. bell tent camping glamping vintage 2Hertz glamping at Blogstock 2014-2bell tents latitude circus tent canvas marquee teepee tipi colourful-2I’ve only stayed in a bell tent once, for a couple of nights at Blogstock, (check out my Blogstock pics here) but it was one of the best camping experiences I’ve ever had. The extra height meant that my husband could stand up without any problems, and I didn’t have to crawl in and out of the tent doorway. There was plenty of room for all our stuff (we don’t really travel light, I blame our car with it’s giant boot for that) and it could even fit a double bed in too, so you can imagine how comfortable we were.

And when it rained, our canvas tent remained pleasingly dry. There was no chance of accidentally bumping the canvas and causing moisture seepage like in a traditional tent; the sides were so far away from us! We could simply lie back and watch the rain pitter-patter down outside out tent, feeling super-cosy tucked under a blanket with a carpeted floor beneath our feet.

I’m sharing some snaps of all the bell tents I’ve encountered over the years; some at festivals, some at wedding fairs, some on a campsite site and, of course, the one beauty we actually got to sleep in at Blogstock. I love how differently the tents could be decorated – from very luxurious to very simple – and how each one feels like home to me. The only thing that these tents need is a bug-mesh and I’d be quite happy to live in one!

What do you think of these bell tents? Would you be more likely to stay under canvas if you were able to sleep in a double bed?? These colourful bell tents below were spotted at Latitude festival and the bright colours reminded me of circus marquees. I would love to own one for myself. And have you ever stayed in a bell tent, yurt or shepherds hut? If so I want to hear from you, so please leave me a note in the comments section below to tell me what you think of glamping. Thanks guys, happy camping!

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