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If somebody asked you what your dream bedroom would look like, what would you say? What kind of vision do you have? I know exactly what I want my own bedroom to look like – in fact, I’ve already started decorating it; check out my flooring blog post with step-by-step GIF of my progress! The trouble is, I can’t really put into words the style that I like. It’s kind of minimalist but not at all stark. Does that make sense? Sometimes, it can be really hard to convert mental images into the real deal. So if this conundrum sounds familiar to you too, today’s blog post should come in handy. Here’s a list of key ingredients and some useful tips to help you design the perfect bedroom.

The bed

For most of us, the bed is the most important part of any bedroom design. Beds come in all shapes and sizes, and there are styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Some people long for luxury hotel style leather headboards or dramatic four-posters while others dream of a rustic log cabin vibe with solid wood headboards and a sturdy frame. Whatever your style, don’t rush into making a decision when it comes to finding the right bed. You’ll need to find a mattress that you struggle to part with (like I did) and a frame that matches your vision and complements your theme. My bed frame is taking 45 days to be delivered but it’ll be worth the wait to get the right one. Take a tour of some bed stores, try some mattresses for size, and search online for inspiration. If you have an idea in mind, and it’s a little avant-garde, you may also find it easier to source what you want on the Internet.

Bedroom furniture

Once you’ve chosen your bed, this will give you an idea of the kind of furniture you want, and the space you have available. The position of our bed in the room means that we’ve got about 2 metres of wall-space to play with, so that’s determined the size of the storage we can buy. Think about whether you want fitted wardrobes or free-standing units, and consider additional items like chests of drawers, bedside tables, and cabinets. Try to search for pieces that suit the style and the size of the room. If you’re looking for ideas, check out options like Frank Hudson furniture from Cuckooland and have a look on websites like Pinterest. Fitted units can often be a fantastic choice if you’re pushed for space, while oversized whitewashed chests work brilliantly if you have a large room and you’re going for a shabby chic vibe. If you’re on a budget, upcycling is a fantastic way of breathing new life into old, tired furniture.

Soft furnishings

Many of us want to create a cosy, relaxed atmosphere in our bedrooms, and adding soft furnishings is a great way of achieving this. Pillows, throws, blankets, and rugs make the room more homely, and it’s also an excellent way of adding colour and texture to the room. Choose colours, materials, and prints carefully, and use them to highlight your theme. Greys, black, and white are perfect for modern spaces while geometric lines and prints are ideal for a laid-back Scandinavian look. Go for satin if you’re eager to add a luxe feel or floral prints if you want to capture that country look.


It’s virtually impossible to get a good night’s sleep when there’s light streaming in through the windows, so don’t forget to hang curtains or a blind. Match your curtains with your bed linen and the colour themes you’ve chosen for the walls to finish off the look in style, and ensure you get some good quality shut-eye in your new bedroom.

If you’re planning a bedroom revamp, hopefully, these pointers will help. Celebrate your sense of style, and take your time looking around for ideas and inspiration before you start painting walls or ordering wardrobes. I’ve spent a good few months pinning my ideas on Pinterest! Please let me know if you have any decorating tips of your own by leaving me a comment below, and I’d love to hear about your own projects if you’re working on a decor revamp right now 🙂

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