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The winter is now a distant memory, and I can’t wait to spend more time outside. I know that many of us don’t work in our gardens during the colder months so you might have to create a plan and do some work before your outdoor space looks summer-ready. Still, the suggestions in today’s blog post should help you to make a head start. In most cases it won’t take too much effort to get your garden looking as good as it did last year. However, it all comes down to what you hope to achieve – here are some quick tips to help you achieve a great effect in the garden without breaking the bank.

Add plenty of colourful flowers and plants

Firstly, you’ll want your garden to appear as bright and vibrant as possible. You’ll also want to attract lots of insects like bees. We’ve got SO many poppies in the garden at this time of year, and the bees love it! The best way to achieve this goal is to head down to your local garden centre. Look for colourful flowers that don’t require a lot of attention. It isn’t going to long to dig some small holes and get those flowers in the ground. Online garden suppliers are a great place for gardening tools if you’re shopping on a budget and need some essential gardening equipment. 

Cut your grass before it grows too much

Your grass probably hasn’t grown that much during the winter months. However, it will shoot up fast now the summertime is here. Do yourself a favour and make sure you don’t let it get too long. If that happens, you might have to invest in a strimmer or pay professionals to cut it on your behalf – standard mowers aren’t designed to cut through a forest of weeds and long grasses! You can save yourself this expense if you keep on top of things so keep mowing the lawn every couple of weeks for the rest of the summer!

Consider creating a decked area

If you don’t have one already, adding a decked area to your garden is a great idea. You can use the space for barbecues and alfresco dinners, and it helps to keep people off the grass if you have an outdoor party so they won’t traipse cuttings into your home or damage the lawn. While you can pay specialists to install decking, most people can do it without assistance and there are some excellent YouTube videos that highlight all the steps you need to follow. Ensure you have plenty of outdoor seating to make the best use of your new decking.

If you put the tips in this blog post into action, you should have a gorgeous outdoor space in no time. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination so have a look on Pinterest for plenty of garden design and layout ideas. Still, you don’t have to go to a huge effort to get your garden summer-ready – just keep your grass is cut and add some beautiful flowers. Good luck and enjoy!

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