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Out of all the places in our home, the garden is probably the most easily forgotten area, especially during the colder months. Sure, we might hire a gardener or we might drag ourselves out there in order to get some work done, but it’s easy to forget about the garden and, sooner or later, it’ll just turn into a hassle that has to be mowed and taken care of on a regular basis. At least, with the longer and lighter evenings, there’s more time to enjoy your garden. So, instead of getting frustrated with it, here are a couple of ideas on how you can fall in love with your garden again in time for summer.

Make it productive

The first thing you need to think about is how to make your garden more productive. If you’re willing to look into creating a veggie plot and perhaps adding a potting shed you could turn your garden into a thriving mini allotment. You may be able to grow fruit outdoors and it’s actually possible to grow more exotic plants such as chillis, melons and cucumbers in wooden greenhouses. There’s nothing like picking some fresh ingredients from your garden – they taste amazing compared to anything “fresh” that you can get from your local supermarket! A productive garden is a fantastic way to boost your motivation and love your garden again, but it does take some time, money and effort!Make it luxurious

If you really want to enjoy spending time in your garden, then don’t forget to equip it with some lovely garden furniture. Forget those silly plastic chairs or flimsy metal seats. There are plenty of garden sofas and armchairs that are as good as anything you’d sit on indoors! They’re weatherproof, easy to clean and a luxurious way to relax and lounge in the sun on your garden patio. You’ll love spending more time outdoors if you have some comfortable furniture to sit on, and it makes eating outdoors a lovely experience as well.Make it beautiful

If your garden looks a little run down, then you need to consider mowing the lawn, cutting out all of the wilting plants and planting some new ones. Learning how to garden can eat up a lot of time, so if you’re not willing to put in the hours but still want a beautiful garden, then consider hiring a gardener. It can be quite costly but it’s worth it if you want to look at your garden and see something beautiful that relaxes the soul and gives your mood a temporary boost. Maybe someone in your family or circle of friends is a keen gardener and would love to take over the maintenance of your garden? If so, you could ‘exchange’ skills with them and offer to cook meals for them, decorate their home or babysit their children etc.Make it fun

We can’t forget about making your garden fun. If you’re a sporty type, then something like a badminton net or a basketball hoop can be a simple yet fun improvement to your garden. You’ll get to spend more time out there with your family, and it’s a fun and private way to get some exercise. Even getting some low-cost lawn games would make it more enjoyable to spend time in your garden and will keep guests entertained at your summer BBQ!

Let me know if you have any other ideas for enjoying your garden this summer and share your tips in the comments section below. I hope these suggestions have given you some food for thought anyway – I’m certainly going to tackle my ‘wasteland’ of a garden this year!


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