A smooth move – how to hire & load a van (and when to get the pros in!)

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If you’re moving house in the near future, today’s blog post is for you! I’m sharing my experiences of my recent move to help you to choose what kind of vehicle to hire and how to load a truck in the most effective way. And if you’re thinking of hiring movers but don’t know how to make sure the chosen company is credible, I’ve got a list of questions you can ask them. Read on to find out how to move house, hassle free!

Here’s Cookie making sure that she moved house with us!

Moving yourself: choosing a van
If you’re considering moving and transporting your possessions by yourself, you should start thinking about hiring a van. Sure, you could shift everything in your car (I’ve done that many times in the past) but it means more journeys back-and-forth. If you are dealing with short distance move it may not be so difficult but if long distance is ahead of you – it is a good plan to hire a van for the day.When choosing a vehicle to contain your possessions, choose the one that exceeds your required space by about 10-15%. If you’ve already piled up your boxes and furniture at home it can be easy to measure how much space you’ll need in the back of a van. Also you can ask experts for assistance in finding the suitable vehicle based on the number of rooms your house has.

How to load a van when moving house
The best and most effective way of loading your truck is starting with heaviest and biggest items like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, sofas, dryers etc first. Don’t forget to rent or borrow a sack barrow or trolley, as it will be impossible to rely simply on your physical strength to move this items around – especially after a few loads! When in a truck these things must be placed upright and securely tied to the side panels with straps or bungee rope.

After moving the bigger items, start loading dressers, chairs, tables, and smaller cabinets. It is better putting them in the middle of your truck and secure any drawers with the ropes or string. When all this is done you may begin loading all your boxes and put the heaviest ones on opposite sides of the truck in order to balance out their weight across the truck’s floor. Light boxes with fragile stuff should be placed on the top level.

Getting the professionals in

If you want to hire movers to help the process go smoothly (and avoid a back injury by struggling yourself!) you can ask a representative to come your home to estimate the cost. Be sure to make a list of questions and don’t  be afraid to asking them – any reliable company will be happy to answer any moving related question. Here is a list of basic questions to consider asking your movers:

1.Safety of your possessions is essential so ask about their terms. Make sure the company operates legally, is insured and has good reputation. Professional movers will have all this kind of documentation in order.
2. Pay attention to firm’s employees: are they qualified, experienced enough and find out whether they are permanent employees or just temporary ones hired for the peak season assistance. Does the company use subcontractors?
3. Make sure the company you have chosen has the right equipment and everything necessary to ensure smooth process, such as packing materials, rope etc.
4. What additional services does the company offer?
5. Ask for references and find out how many years the company has been in the moving business.

Make sure to prepare your list of questions advance in order not to forget anything, and if you have any special requirements (moving a kennel or piano, for example) discuss these in advance.

I hope these tips have given you a little extra confidence to move house yourself or to hire in the professionals if needed. Let me know your advice for home moving by leaving me a comment below – I’d love to hear what you did last time you moved house and how you got on.

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