My home renovation project: Tips for choosing a patio door

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Hi folks, the lovey summery weather has got me thinking about my outdoors and in particular, I’m considering changing my kitchen door to a glazed patio door. Has anyone else done this? Leave me a comment if so and let me know if you think it’s a good idea. Having looked into it, there seem to be many reasons to splash out on some patio doors.

Being more window-based than standard doors, patio doors can let more natural light into your humble abode, reducing the need for artificial light (and the electricity to power them!) Bringing the outside in is another reason why I’d love to add some to my kitchen and they can also ease journeys between your indoor and outdoor spaces for barbecues, garden parties and other occasions. However, choosing the right patio door isn’t always easy; here are some vital things to think about

Practical concerns relating to what your home looks like

There are two main types of patio door: sliding door and hinged – or swinging – door. Which should you choose? This will depend on an array of factors, including the home’s style and layout, not to mention how you intend to use this door. As a general rule, sliding doors look more modern and, hence, can look more suitable in modern homes. Hinged doors, on the other hand, can appear more traditional, making them particularly visually apt for older properties.

You should also consider where you would want the doors to be put in place and whether there is sufficient space there for accommodating them. If you lack abundant interior space, hinged doors could be made to swing outwards and so take up more outdoor space. The Money Pit recommends this approach if your local climate is windy, as “winds would simply push the door against the jamb, ensuring a tighter seal”. However, sliding doors could give you a much broader and less encumbered view of the outside. They have other crucial advantages, too…

A seamless transition with sliding doors

If you often spend just as much time in your garden as you do within your home’s walls, sliding doors can, when opened, almost literally bring the outside in – and vice versa. The huge opening that these doors would allow for would make it easy for you to regularly transport furniture and equipment, such as chairs and barbecue grills, between the indoor and outdoor areas, too.

You might be concerned about the security implications of sliding doors. After all, if they allow a panoramic view of the outside, they will also enable a similar view of your house’s interior. Wouldn’t that tempt would-be thieves passing by your home? Fortunately, if you were to purchase Bifold Shop doors of the sliding type, they would come with security features including robust frames, toughened glazing, and multi-point locking.

All is not lost when it comes to cost

Home Tips for Women cautions about French doors (as you may sometimes see hinged doors being called) being “more costly so when you choose French patio doors over sliders, you generally need a bigger budget.” You could, however, find that the savings don’t end with the initial installation, especially if you choose energy efficient glazing from such renowned brands as Saint Gobain Glass and Pilkington Glass. This glazing can help in not only lowering the costs of your energy bills, but also shrinking your carbon footprint.

What do you think of patio doors? Is it something you’re considering adding to your home? I’m loving the idea of brightening up my home with a bigger expanse of glass in the kitchen. Leave me your ideas in the comments below and let me know if you have experience of adding patio doors in your own home and whether or not they were a positive addition to your home.

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  1. Hi Laura, oh yes I can see how bugs would be a problem, eek! When I went to Grand Designs Live, I saw some folding patio doors that had two ‘layers’ on runners – one frame with glass and a second folding frame with mesh to stop the bugs. They are pricey but they are the patio doors I’d choose when I renovate my home in the future 🙂

  2. Such beautiful ideas! We have patio doors that look like french doors but only one side opens. I would love to have it be able to open completely to the outside like some of these, but unfortunately here in New England bugs are a huge concern! One day I will replace them with true french doors 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing one of my tips Cassie. I’m seeing lots many more glass walls these days, and the folding doors (photos 1 & 3) are the alternative to multiple sliding door tracks in the ceiling/floor.

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