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What do most people do when they take some time off work? Go away on holiday? Take a day trip to the coast? Treat themselves to a lovely meal? Or if you’re like me, spend all my time off indoors, decorating my home office. In preparation for going back to work. Hmm…The fantastic news is that the office makeover is going really well… now! It look a long time to prepare the room for decorating as there we two layers of wallpaper on the walls (more woodchip again, urgh!) and I even had to steam textured wallpaper off the ceiling. The radiator needed replacing and all the neon green woodwork had to be painted. And last week we were finally able to put up the wallpaper.I’ve shared a pic or two of my wallpaper choice on instagram so if you follow my @Cassiefairy account you’ll already know what a bargain my wallpaper was. I got these rolls in the sale section at B&M for just £1 each! I grabbed all the rolls from the shelf, even though I had no idea how many lengths I would need. I figured that it was best to buy them all and have too much rather than too little wallpaper.In this instance I didn’t worry about batch numbers or anything like that – the wallpaper was only a quid, after all! I still didn’t bother checking when we started to hang the wallpaper on the walls and, I’m not sure how much of a difference batch numbers make to the design. Each of these rolls looked exactly the same as the next and there didn’t didn’t seem to be any colour discrepancies. I guess it might be more important with a bolder colour or design, but when it’s £1 a roll, I don’t think it matters all that much. It certainly didn’t bother me anyway!But what did bother me is how hard it is to paper around corners – remind me never to hand wallpaper ever again. Sure, it gives a great effect and goes up really quickly, but it can be such a fiddly process and, if you’ve read my bedroom wall mural blog post, you’ll know that I’m not the most patient person when it comes to decorating. I think I’ll stick with the painting and hubby can hang the wallpaper.The wallpaper paste had barely dried before I started shopping for office decor online. My buying session started at Uncommon Goods after I googled cork globes. It’s a home and gifts website that has just started shipping to the UK and a quick search showed me that this website had exactly the product I was looking for – a pinnable globe made from cork – and in two different sizes too! Love how stylish these look, and it’s even better that they are a practical ‘memo board’ for pinning up notes and photos.

And, besides the obvious DIY terrarium, what essential product does every blogger need? Why, a cinema light box of course! How else am I going to post meaningful #girlboss quotes on instagram, eh? I’m just teasing, but I do really like the idea of a light box like this one from Uncommon Goods – the longer shape really appeals to me; it’s something a bit different from all the other light boxes I’ve seen in the past and I think it will look great on a shelf.

I’m also looking for some lighting solutions for the office. It’s lovely and bright in my room at the moment but I’m already thinking ahead to the darker days of autumn and want to add some subtle lighting around the room. Actually, that’s got me thinking about make the floor feel more cosy with rugs too… How cool are these colour-changing light panels? I was actually searching for a lamp when this product pinged up and now I can’t think of anything else. So colourful and very me – perhaps they’ll end up on my birthday present list..?

In fact, the studio tours of the designers and makers on this website gave me an extra boost of inspiration for my own office too. I can’t wait to get the rest of the room set up now that the walls are looking so good. I’ve already got my ergonomic sit-stand desk sorted but it needs a traditional desk base beneath it, so at the moment I’m using an old teak desk that I got ‘free to a good home’. I’m not overly keen on the wooden colour so it might get a lick of paint soon, or I might install a full-length desk along the wall of the office. Not sure yet, so watch this space!

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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