How to tan safely on your next holiday

When we head off on holiday, one of the things we hope for is to return with a great tan. After all, we can’t wait to get back and show everyone our summer glow. And it can make all those cute summer dresses look extra fabulous. But getting a safe tan is harder than it looks. Some people end up coming back with no tan at all (like me – I just get more freckly!), while others end up just going red, which then goes back to their natural colour when it starts to peel! Here are some ways you can tan safely on your next holiday and keep that glow all summer long.


Know when you have had enough sun

It’s easy to spend hours out on your sun lounger when you are on holiday, well you do want to relax while you’re away, don’t you? But you need to make sure you know when you’ve had enough sun. After all, if you end up staying out in the sunshine for too long, you are going to rid yourself of the chance of a good tan because you’ll just end up getting burnt! And peeling skin will not look good with your summer wardrobe. Therefore, make sure you have regular breaks from the sun by sitting in the shade. It will help you to cool off too if the weather is scorching. And also you need to be extra careful about sitting out during the hottest period of the day. After all, the UV rays could cause you to burn rather than getting that nice summer glow so cover up with a kaftan, hat and sit beneath a parasol.

Opt for good sun protection

Always, always, ALWAYS use an SPF when you’re outside. A lot of people sunbathe without using any form of suntan lotion, thinking they will get a great tan sooner rather than later. But you can easily get burnt from head to toe instead, and you could end up at higher risk of skin cancer. So you need to make sure you use a good sun protection lotion to prevent burning. Honestly, you’ll still be able to get a tan, but you’ll be protecting your skin at the same time.I’ve started using some gentle paraben-free and alcohol-free formulas this year and my pale skin hasn’t ended up getting burnt once, despite the scorching hot days we’ve been having here in the UK. I picked up Malibu SPF 30 and scalp spray from Superdrug (it’s on a buy-one-get-one-half-price deal this month) and bought the SPF 50 La Roche-Posay sunscreen for my face. If you want to cut out the chemicals, go for an organic sunscreen.

Use an after-sun 

You might not bother doing anything to your skin after a day in the sun. But if you want to ensure you get the best tan possible, you need a good after-sun to use in the evening. It will moisturise your skin and prevent your skin from getting too dehydrated and peeling. Also, it can help to calm your skin if you have any burning, and even prolong your tan so you can show off your beautiful golden glow when you get home. There are lots of different ones around so read the reviews first before picking up a good after sun lotion.

Fake it

And some people opt to go for a fake tan before they even go on holiday. That way, it can give your skin a boost of colour before you arrive at your destination, and there’s absolutely no risk of sun damage! Search for a cruelty-free brand with plenty of natural, moisturising ingredients for the best results. Bear in mind that fake tans can be stripped off by the chlorine in swimming pools, so you may need to reapply while you’re on holiday if you plan on taking a dip.

I hope this blog post has given you some ideas for safe tanning this summer and please please always use sunscreen when you’re out in the sun this summer.


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Cassie Fairy
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