What my Christmas would look like if I won the lottery…

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I’ve been daydreaming again, and this time it’s about my perfect lottery-winner’s Christmas. Indulge me for a moment. I’m not saying that I want to win the lottery, nor that I need to have £££s to create a gorgeous home and wonderful Christmas, but I’ve let my mind winder and simply imagine what Christmas would look like if money was no object. Here’s how I see it…The first thing that springs to mind is ‘opulence’. Even though I’m a rather minimalist gal in everyday life, I think that I’d want to decorate my imaginary stately home with thoroughly glamorous accessories, furniture and decorations. I was reading a guide to different interior design styles earlier this week on the Rattan Direct website. Although I would usually follow the principles of minimalism and Scandinavian style detailed in this interior decor article, after reading through the design guide, I think I’d probably go for a more ‘Hollywood Glam’ or traditional look for my luxury festive home. These photos demonstrate this perfectly!That said, simply painting the walls in darker hues and lighting plenty of candles can create a similar look for less. Sure, it would be amazing to win crazy money on the Euromillions lottery and have a budget-free Christmas, but it is possible to create glamour and drama in your home without breaking the budget.Let’s start with the soft furnishings: layers of cosy blankets, soft down-filled cushions and crisp bed linens puts me in mind of the more glamorous hotels I’ve stayed in over the years. In my opinion, the more cushions and textures on a bed, the more luxurious it feels. Don’t you just want to sink into this bed and nap until Christmas morning??Gold always signifies ‘richness’ so I’d fill my home with metallic accessories such as this bronze reindeer (below) and gold dishes to hold pine cones and candles. Even the golden glow from lit candles can help to create this feeling of glitz and opulence so just a dotting a couple of candles around the home will help you achieve the look of a home decorated with a lottery winners’ budget.Speaking of gold, I think that this year’s trend of metallic crockery is a must for your festive dining table. Sparkling glassware with silver accents and beaded placemats lends a ‘snowy’ feeling to any tablescape. For your Christmas dinner, the crackers are just as important as the place settings, as choosing the a bold design or colour can make the whole table clash terribly. I’d choose classic gold and silver crackers and, if I’d just won the lottery, I might fill them with little extra treats for my guests.The opulence need not stop at the dining table. How about your drinks cabinet? To keep that feeling of traditional glamour, use glass decanters to hold your spirits and wine, mix up festive cocktails (like my gingerbread prosecco recipe) in a gold cocktail shaker and pour into art-deco style etched glasses. With the bar cart, it’s all about accessories so pick up paper straws, metallic streamers and classy cocktail stirrers.And finally, the most important part of any festive decor: the Christmas tree. I was reading some research by mobile network giffgaff about the nation’s spending habits over the festive period earlier this week. The survey was conducted on 2000 people, and considering that most Brits plan to decorate their homes for Christmas for £30 or less, even the most thrifty tree can look stunning if you carefully choose your decorations.I think I’d be happy with either of the two trees I’ve shared in this post adorning the living room of my imaginary mansion. I love the idea of adding delicate decorations like feathers and glass baubles; the fragility makes them feel more expensive. Sticking to that £30 budget is easy when you choose classic colours like red, gold and green to keep your tree looking traditional. The research I read showed that 60% of people would be donating to charity in December, which I think is a better use of our money than spending it all on the tree – especially when decorations don’t have to be expensive. And the great news is that you don’t have to win the lottery to get this opulent look style in your own home this Christmas – all of these photos are from Sainbury’s home! Let me know if you have any other ideas for creating an opulent Christmas and luxurious home for less by leaving me a comment below.

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  1. This has got me thinking now!
    I absolutely love the second Christmas tree you’ve picked and the reindeer too! And yes to layers of cushions and blankets <3

    Lizzie |

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