How to throw a frugal yet fabulous wedding

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Most couples don’t have a blank cheque to spend on making their wedding dreams become reality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a breathtaking big day, even if you’re sticking to a tight budget…

Of all the compromises in life, none is more fawned over than how to hold a beautiful wedding on a budget; it’s the balancing act that will forever live in the scrapbook on your mantelpiece. Every bride and every groom wants to have a wedding that that truly represents them, and that will make guests will talk about for years to come. The problem is, well, money. But all it takes is a little ingenuity, a few tips and tricks and some thinking outside the box, and you can have the most beautiful wedding AND a bank balance that still makes you smile. And here is how:


One of the main focal points of any wedding is the cake, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds and thousands on some elaborate hand-painted Cake Boss geode cake. Nope. Instead, what you could do is

a) ask that family member who loves to bake if they would do the honours – they’ll be flattered that you asked, or

b) opt for a gorgeous dessert table. You could even have guests bring a dessert with them instead of a gift.

cake and dessert table ideas & images by Devine Bride


All it takes is a little knowledge and you can create the most mesmeric flower arrangements you’ve ever seen, and without once calling in a professional florist. Take a look at Good Vibes for some DIY inspiration, find out what flowers are in season and then display them in stem vases and jam jars. You’ll create a truly amazing look for a truly low cost.



If you’ve got a budget to stick to when it comes to your wedding photography, it can be a real disappointment when you get quotes back from photographers that are way out of your budget. Similarly, you might have found a great deal only to find out that the photographer isn’t available on your big day, booo. A good way to save time and only get the kind prices you want is to post a request via Bidvine. There, wedding photographers will respond to your own requirements with a bid for your wedding. This keeps all your quotes in one place and you’ll find a trusted, local wedding photographer who actually IS available to shoot your event


Things like printed menus and putting first class stamps on the RSVP envelopes really starts to add up quickly, which is why you should get creative on this front. Our advice: have one menu beautifully presented on a blackboard at your reception venue and, instead of having your friends RSVP the traditional way, ask them to send you funny photos with the RSVP instead. It will make you chuckle and save you pennies.



Going to a bridal shop and getting all your bridesmaids fitted into a dress that they all love is a surefire way to have your budget blown apart. Instead, do things your own way. Give your bridesmaids a strict budget and a colour and have them pick their own dresses, or pick a style that suits everyone and then have them wear different colours of it. Both of these will save you more stress and money than you could possibly realise.


Last year’s big wedding trend was greenery. It was foliage. The reason I’m telling you this is simple: foliage is free from your garden. Or from your friends’ and family’s gardens. So, instead of spending a fortune on flowers, get your scissors out and head outdoors. The more foliage you can find, the more opulent (and expensive-looking) your displays will be.

I hope these ideas have given you inspiration for creating a frugal AND fabulous wedding. Let me know how you’re saving money on your wedding day in the comments below and please share your tips if you’re already married and saved a small fortune by doing it yourself.


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