Giant Creme Egg cheesecake recipe for Easter

Do you love creme eggs? Are you a fan of cheesecake? Well today’s your lucky day because I’m sharing a recipe to make a giant creme egg cheesecake for Easter..!I’ve shared recipes for a few Easter cakes, biscuits and bakes on my blog over the years, but this Easter I wanted to make a fun cake. And, seeing as hubby prefers cheesecake to anything else in the world, I decided that this year’s cake would be a cheesecake.Could I make a cheese cake that looks like a giant creme egg? Of course I can! Or, at least, I’m going to have a go! I stocked up with ingredients and spent a fun hour in the kitchen, putting together this cheesecake. By the way, this isn’t a baked cheesecake, so it’s more of an assembly job than a bake – but is just as impressive when you serve it up for Easter.


170g Chocolate digestive biscuits, 50g melted butter, 300ml double cream, 200g cream cheese, 200g Quark, 50g ricotta, i tsp vanilla extract, 150g icing sugar, 2 tsp lemon juice, yellow and red food colouring.

  1. Crush the digestive biscuits and mix in the melted butter until it’s fully combined. Spread this into the base of a spring-form cake tin and pop into the fridge to set while you get on with preparing the filling.
  2. Add the vanilla extract into the double cream and whip until it’s pretty solid.
  3. Mix the icing sugar with the cream cheese, quark, ricotta and lemon juice. Watch out – it’s likely that the icing sugar will go everywhere if you whisk it, so use a spatula to gently combine.
  4. Mix the cheese mixture into the cream and stir combine thoroughly.
  5. Put a quarter of the mixture into a separate bowl and add some yellow food colouring. I also added the tiniest amount of red in order to get this bright yolk colour.
  6. Pour the uncoloured cheesecake mixture onto the biscuit base and spread out to the edges of the tin. Make a hole in the centre for the ‘yolk’.
  7. Pour in the yellow yolk mixture and smooth out. 
  8. You can stop at this stage to make a giant fried egg, or add cut some creme eggs in half to press into the cheesecake mixture around the edges. 
  9. Allow to set in the fridge for at least 5 hours or overnight, which is what I did. Decorate the finished cake with grated chocolate and white chocolate stars.

The whole cake has a vanilla flavour and it’s absolutely delicious – a really luxurious treat! If you want to give everyone a piece of creme egg on their portion, add in more halves. I left some spaces without creme eggs because, believe it or not, I’m not all that keen on them. I much prefer caramel eggs, but that’s another cheesecake altogether! What do you think of my fun Easter cheesecake? That yolk looks really, well, yolk-y doesn’t it?! Will you give it a go this year for Easter? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.



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  1. It was rather tasty Becky – it didn’t take long for us to scoff the lot, haha!

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