4 Easy ways to save money on hair care

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I’ve come up with some very easy ways you can save money on your regular hair care costs. Nothing here is hard to do, but it all helps you to spend much less money on your hair and helps you to stick to your budget!One of the keys to saving money is creating a budget that ensures you don’t overspend. When you create a monthly budget, you have to look at your bank statement and see where all your money is going. Now, it will surprise a lot of you to see how just much you’re spending on hair care. I’m talking about getting your hair cut or dyed, washing and styling it at home, and just general hair care products that you might buy all the time. All these little purchases don’t seem like much at the time, but they very quickly add up. Here are some easy ways to start saving straight away…


Haircuts can be incredibly expensive – even if you’re going for a little trim. This is usually because most salons also blow dry your hair and style it nicely for you. Even if you only get your hair trimmed once every couple of months, it’s still a costly expense that can easily be avoided. The solution is incredibly simple; get haircuts for free! Now, if you’re wondering how this is possible, let me tell you a little secret.

In colleges or universities that have hair and beauty courses, they often provide free hair treatments that are done by the students. It’s a good way for students to practice on real people, and you get to enjoy a cut and dry for free! So, have a look around your local area for opportunities like this, and you’ll never pay a penny for salon treatments ever again. Don’t worry, the tutor will step in if needed and you won’t be left with a mess of a haircut!

Alternatively, if this idea doesn’t appeal to you, just skip the wash and blow-dry when you get your hair cut at your usual salon. Wash your hair before going for your appointment and ask for a dry cut only.


Saving money on hair care doesn’t mean you have to completely stop buying products for your hair. On the contrary, if you buy the right products, it can help you save a lot of money by taking care of different issues. With a good leave in conditioner, you have a product that tackles so many common hair care issues. It helps untangle your hair, moisturises your scalp, and prevents split ends. By doing all of this, it saves you from buying numerous products that handle each of these problems separately. Anyone with split ends will normally spend extra money on various products that treat it. This could include expensive supplements or shampoos that claim to cure split ends. Likewise, people with dry scalps may be tempted to invest in an expensive shampoo with coconut oil or some other costly ingredient that helps nourish your hair. Again, a leave in conditioner will help you deal with all these problems, but only need to buy one product. Not only that, but it just improves the health of your hair, meaning there’s less chance you’ll experience the problems mentioned above, and save you from need to book a salon appointment to rectify them!


Shampoo can be incredibly expensive, but it’s one of those products we can’t do without. Thankfully, there’s an easy way around this; buy your shampoo from discount stores. I’m talking about places like Poundland, Pound Stretcher, but also Lidl and Aldi as well. Pound stores often stock top brands for a very low price, whereas the other two have their own versions of top brands. Either way, unless you require special shampoo because of a particular condition, you can stock up for way less than you usually spend. Plus, Superdrug and Aldi’s own-brand ranges are cruelty-free too!


Everyone needs to wash their hair to stop it getting dirty. However, did you know that washing it every day is sometimes a bad thing to do? Too much washing can make your hair greasy very quickly. Not only that, but it means your hair products run out quickly. If you wash your hair every other day, you can extend the lifespan of your shampoo and other products by twice as long. They’ll last longer, meaning you get better value for money, and need to buy new ones less often. Over the course of a year, this could save you a fair bit of cash. Plus, your hair will be in much better condition too, as it’ll be heat-styled less often!Caring for your hair isn’t something you can avoid. Most of us will spend a small fortune on hair care products and treatments throughout the year. But, with these tips, you can save loads of money – and still look after your hair! It’s all about picking the right products, making sure you take good care of your hair and making things last as long as possible. Let me know your tips for cutting the cost of your hair care in the comments below 🙂


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