How to make your home the cosiest place on earth

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If there is one thing a home should be, it’s cosy. But not just a so-so kind of cosy, it should be the best kind of cosy. Ever. Home should be the cosiest place on earth. Here are some idea to make your home just that…You want your home to be the place you want to run back to after work, right? The place you miss while on holiday. The place you don’t want your kids to leave and, well, that place you don’t want to leave either. That’s what home should feel like. Fifty shades of cosy. But a cosy home means having the right kind of cosy things. So, without further ado, here are the things well worth spending your money on because, trust me, they will make your humble abode feel a thousand times more marshmallowy. (Warning: I’m not done with the word cosy just yet!)


Nothing is going to make you get that “ahhh, I’m home” feeling more than taking your outdoor shoes off at the door and slipping into a pair of soft slippers. That’s how to feel super-snuggly when traipsing around your home. Of course, if you really want to up your cosy game, grab yourself a pair of summer slippers and winter warmers. Yummy.


We’ve all been scrolling through Instagram, seen an idyllic photo of someone sat on a window seat, a book in their hand as they gaze into the distance. It looks so darn cosy, doesn’t it? Well, what if you could cheat your way to this experience? Laying a daybed cushion on the floor beneath a window, lining a few cushions along the back, and popping a few houseplants about the place will set the scene perfectly. Yep. That’s how to do cosy at home.


That’s right. Not breakfast in bed, but dinner, which has to be the cosiest way to spend an evening ever. That’s if you have a delightful mattress, of course. So, first things first, head to to get advice on your mattress. Then get into the habit of eating dinner in bed, a glass of (white) wine in your hand, your favourite Netflix show on the TV and duvet tucked under your chin. Here’s the best bit, though: early nights have just gotten easier. 


Nothing has come close to creating a cosy atmosphere in your home in the same way that a flickering candle does. They just have a way of lighting up a room, while making it smell perfectly snuggly, especially some deliciously scented soy wax candles. I bought a new one from my friend Olivia Alice Candles at a market at the weekend and its pepperminty scent is just delicious!


No cosy home is complete without a deliciously soft blanket thrown over the back of every sofa, armchair and bean bag, which is why you need to go out and grab a handful of faux-fur and plush blankets. Just make sure you pick a colour that will perfectly match your decor to get that extra pinch of cosiness.

I hope these ideas have given you inspiration for making your home cosy all year round – and not just in the winter! Let me know what you do at home to make your house super-cosy and please share your tips for a cosy evening in the comments below.

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