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Have you ever flicked through a home décor magazine and wished that your bedroom was just as beautiful as the ones on those pages? We all know that the costs of decorating such bedrooms can be super high so you may feel discouraged about even thinking of giving your own room a makeover. Well, no more! With a few easy and quick hacks, you can get the bedroom of your dreams without having to spend a fortune…


Have you ever seen a magazine picture of an expensive-looking bedroom with clothes lying around and beauty products strewn across the dressing table? Cleaning up the clutter and maintaining a clean room will instantly make the room look better. Keep all your personal items in their designated space – inside drawers and wardrobes – and get rid of any unwanted items. Along with making the room appear more attractive, it will also give you loads more space in the room and make it easier for you to find things when you need them. Read how I decluttered after moving house with the KonMari method.


Changing the colour of the walls is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to make a big impact on the room design. Choose a dark chalky colour for a luxurious feel and to replicate those bedrooms you’ve seen in interior design magazines. But don’t stop there with your wall makeover – add photos and artwork to create a focal point above dressers or the headboard. You can also add texture to the walls by adding decorative acoustic panels, which will also sound-proof your room and help you sleep more soundly. If you already have a built-in cupboard installed in an alcove give it a fresh coat of paint too. This will help you to refresh the space without having to spend hundreds of pounds on new furniture.


With good lighting, you can make even a dull room look attractive and appealing. Get rid of your old, dull light fixtures and replace them with expensive-looking wall-mounted lamps (that you can DIY in 3 different ways with this video by The Sorry Girls) or a multi-armed ceiling light. You don’t necessarily have to buy new – look for an old light fitting and polish it before installing. The more bulbs you can add, the better as it’ll help to make the room appear bright and airy.


Indoor plants can be very effective in making any room of the house look elegant so don’t hesitate to bring some into your bedroom. I bet if you browse an interiors magazine you’ll find all kinds of house plants on those pages. Sometimes it’s just not practical to have indoor plants (if you have kids or pets, for example) so if you can’t find a way to make natural plants work for you, use some artificial decorative plants instead. Just the sight of the greenery of artificial plants inside your bedroom will make the space feel fresh and well put-together.


Spread thick or textured blankets on the bed. This will not only make the bed look softer and be more comfortable for you, but it also lends a sense of elegance to the entire room. Choose fabrics such as velvet, silk, faux fur, knitted wool etc. rather than fleece if you want your bed to look extra opulent. I recently talked about cosy autumnal layering in The Suffolk Resident magazine but it’s an effect you can use all year round to make your home look as luxe as those interiors in the glossy magazines.

I hope these hacks have given you some ideas for decorating your bedroom on a budget. And if you’ve already updated your room, do let me know how you gave your bedroom a makeover without spending a fortune in the comments below, I’d love to hear your tips!


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