Add a water feature to your garden without costly running expenses

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Garden water features are known for their visual appeal and can be a relaxing addition to the landscaping around your home. But it’s not all about luxury and aesthetics; when it comes to being innovative and money-saving, water features can help you save and conserve water too, with the help of rainwater tanks. Here’s why you should consider adding a water feature to your garden…

Modern gardens can be small spaces but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring creativity into the design of the garden. And having a water feature on a narrow footprint makes it feel less cramped and ‘flowing’. Less is more in this minimalist era and a simple stream of water will reflect the sunlight and create a dramatic focal point in the garden.

Rainwater tanks may seem so bulky and ugly (let’s face it, most of them are – mine is so old and faded!) but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find tanks that fit in narrow spaces so that it can be hidden away, or you can can pick from a wide variety of large or small containers for your rainwater harvesting system. Get inspired by different rainwater tanks designs before planning your water feature so that you know what you’re working with – and what you might want to hide! A water feature can complement any landscape and, if planned well, you can make it an essential solution to the issue of ugly water tanks.

It’s a two-in-one solution; you harvest the rainwater from your drainpipes and then use it to top up your water feature. This could be a pond, a flowing stream or even just a barrel with a few lilies planted in it. I blogged a DIY project for creating your own low-cost eco pond, so that just goes to show how small a water feature can be. Plus, you can use the rainwater to water your plants too!

Running water helps to make your garden feel cooler in hot summer weather, and the trickling sound can be very relaxing and help to reduce stress. Nature is always therapeutic and just hearing water flowing can create a serene atmosphere. If you’re using harvested rainwater rather than water from the tap, it won’t cost you a penny to have spa-like water feature in your garden. Simply lie down and let nature be your therapy.

Do you already have a water feature in your garden? Or would you like to install one? I’m hoping to add some element of water to our garden design when we start work on it later in the year. Rainwater tanks not only let you conserve water, they also save money on your monthly water bills by allowing you to have a peaceful water feature in your garden at no extra cost. Let me know what you think of this garden design idea in the comments below.


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